Substitute Service Family Accomodation

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by davemac32, Aug 27, 2010.

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  1. I have recently applied for SFA in or around the Yeovil area but have been told there is currently none available, I have therefore been offered SSFA. Can anyone tell me what sort of areas these are in and what is the standard of the accomodation.
  2. Hi, SSFA is Substitute Services Family Accomodation I think. Basically the RN pays for you to live in a rented house (for free), and pays all your bills (again I think) for the inconvenience of not living in a married quarter.
    Obviously the people to ask are the housing/UPO people, or try the appropriate JSP (440 rings a bell).

    Good Luck, you may have dipped in/out (delete as appriopriate depending on outlook)

  3. not quite true - you pay the equivalent SFA rate that you would pay if you lived in a regular service accomodation. still pay rates accordingly
  4. Actually, apart from his expansion of the acroynm he's not true at all!!
    SSFA is provided in the event of there being no suitable SFA to meet your requirement / entitlement.

    It's not free - as S_S stated, you pay the SFA charges equal to your entitlement.
    Your bills are not paid - you are fully liable for your utility bills.
    Ask the UPO - don't waste your time the UPO have no involvement. You only need to deal with the relevant Housing Information Centre who will put you in contact with the contractor to arrange your property. The contractor (currently HCR) may be give a selection of properties to choose from.
    JSP 440 - Nothing about SSFA in there, try JSP 464
  5. I stand happily corrected. Sorry that you don't get it for free though, maybe I'm getting confused with SSLA or something.
    Also, this post was online for over 10 days before I logged in and posted my (slightly incorrect admittedly) reply, only for 2 people who knew the correct answer to login within 5 hrs to correct me.
    What are the chances of that? :)

  6. Hey,

    I'm in a similar position mate. Recently joined Yeovilton as a Petty Officer and there is no accommodation for me. So here I am in SSSA (Substitute Single Service Accommodation) which happens to be quite a new flat in the middle of Yeovil.

    Just reading through my paperwork and it states that for SSSA, HASS (Centurion) is responsible for payment of Gas, Electricity, Water Rates, Sewerage, TV Licence, Telephone Line Rental & Connection, Council Tax and Rent.

    In the case of SSFA, HASS is only responsible for Water Rates, Sewerage, Council Tax and Rent and you will be responsible for TV Licence, Telephone Line Rental & Connection, Gas, Electircity and/or Oil.

    Hope that helps mate.
  7. i'd say about one in


    dont worry i was soon back in the wrong

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