Subsidised housing when on paid leave?

Did`nt know if anyone can help me as I can`t find the answer on the rfa website.Does the rfa provide subsidised single accommodation onshore where you can stay during your 84 days leave.If so where you they put you up?Or is it better to make sure you have a place rented for when your 4 month deployment finishes even if this means paying rent even when you are at sea (will seem like wasted money to me!).
Also how to people keep up with bill payment on flats/houses while at sea if they are single and don`t have a wife looking after that side of things?Hope these questions aren't too silly.
As far as I'm aware u spend ur time at sea then the next 3 months are urs to do what u want with. They will pay for ur course accommodation when ur on it but that's it. Don't quote me on that.


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This question has been asked and answered before. On leave you are responsible for finding a place to stay. Quite often people stay in the same house after a voyage as they did before it. Or they go on holiday.

If 'you' have a Staff or other shore appointment, accommodation will be provided as it will when 'you' are on courses.

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