Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Mongo, Feb 21, 2006.

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  1. Hey guys, I'm new here but i've posted my application and am awaiting interview for Sub service :lol: as an OM(W) 8) any advice or tips for a small town lad before they throw me into the grinder :twisted: ?
  2. Turn up smart and 5 minutes early , get on the internet and find out as much as you can about the Royal Navy and the submarine service , a bit of history would help as well . Oh and dont call submarine's ''subs'' .Its the submarine service and when you get in its''boats'' All the very best of luck mate ,you are making the best choice.
  3. Ears open gob shut was always a good tip to learning. You are going for the best lot in the RN. Boats are great fun with plenty of opportunity to get on and while you're still young. I left in 1987 after 13 years in Churchill class, bombers and O Boats. I enjoyed every minute of it and, given my time again, I would never have left. :cry:

    Good luck and enjoy it. Take things as you find them, make up your own mind about everyone and everything and don't go in for slagging people off behind their backs. :wink:

    You will never have friends as good as those you find in boats. Our lot still meet up, about 150 of us every year and we last served togehter in 1975! And we still misbehave and have a great run ashore!!!! :twisted: HMS Courageous Society
  4. cheers chaps, can't wait :twisted:
  5. I can attest that you don't get better mates than those in boats. I recently had a visit to the UK for the unvieling of the Sidon Memorial funded by ex submariners who I have never met. It was the "Trade" coming together for one of their own for which I will forever grateful.
  6. take all advice given m8t, but u still wont get ure dolphins till u have met nancy in the IMPS in helensburgh. x skimmer
  7. Serving in boats in Falslane many moons ago I did some moonlight taxi driving in Helensburg. Nancy was an occasional trip to Dumbarton and was a nightmare - always refused to pay. To be avoided like the plague!
  8. good luck im a bit late saying this but ive just joined this site lol

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