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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Rum-dooer, Apr 29, 2008.

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  1. Hey all.Im new to the site and will hopefully be new to the Navy soon!

    The reason for this post is for information on joining the submarine fleet. My dad,grandad and uncle are all ex-navy so ive decided to follow suit. My dad and grandad were both gunnary branch[seaman] and my uncle was an engineer. Ive seen my local recruitment office who gave me the application and told me to have a good think about what job id like to apply for.
    I did that,i really fancy joining the submarines. Im not looking forward to the aptitude test as im not the best mathematition so ive been to the library and im going to get my head in the aptitude,maths and verbal reasoning books until i feel confident enough to apply. Im not straight out of school as im 26,so all this test malarky is a bit rough in my head. What type of score will i need for each area in the navy. I would guess the boats are quite highly ranked!?
  2. Here's an idea,

    How about spending some time with the grey funnel line (general service) as you have more chance of doing a bit of travelling to foreign climates with gens.

    I'm not Knocking boats as I did 17 of my 23 years in them. Just a thought.

  3. I agree. You really should go general service first, see as much of the world as you can, then volunteer submarines. 'Cos once you become a submariner you can kiss goodbye to jollies.
  4. Yeah no jollies on boats..

    Last year I Only visited Gibraltar, Crete, Bahrain(for a total of a 3 weeks), Singapore(2 weeks), Fremantle(16 days) and Capetown. Only one of those was for emergent ME defects

    No jollies on boats whatsoever.
  5. Not often a boat gets a trip like that though!
  6. Hms S*****r has done a trip like that twice now in the past three years.
  7. Lucky lucky you! :notworthy:
  8. Never really thought of it like that. Im going to speak to my local recruitment office again on Friday as theres a Submariner in. I suppose theres no harm in investigating. When you say 'no jollies',surely there must be some good 'stop-offs' where you get the chance of a good piss up.[maybe im wrong,its all new to me!]

    Im also interested in the Warfare branch on ships. I wouldnt mind gunnary like my old man.
  9. My Lads done Falklands,Rio,Chile,Tenerife,Gib,Monte Carlo,Istanbul,Russia,Corinth Canal,Greece,Romania,Toulon and a load of other places in only 15 months on a ship and he is not even 19 yet, so go GS and then do boats.(Like I done)
  10. Cheers for the feedback anyway lads[and possiblly lasses]. Im glad i came on the forum and asked the question now. One of the reasons for me wanting to join the Navy is to see the world so youve all opened my eyes.

    I'll keep you informed anyhow.

    Cheers again. :thumright:
  11. See what I mean No DECENT jollies on boats.

  12. No such thing as a bad run, just runs with Ex-Skimmers :):)
  13. What about Fujairah, best run of the lot? were you 5W or comatose?
  14. No JC he is just old forgetful and boring, what do you expect from a bawsack.
  15. Good comeback Welsh, you must have passed out of the Wiseman school of humour, thank god we have a comptent S&S department now

    I cant believe that i forgot Fujairah(sp) what a run that was ;)

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