Subs or Surface? Help please!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by pashton86, Nov 8, 2006.

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  1. Hello everyone, I've just passed the AIB for general service warfare, however I've been told that i'm boderline for selection in that field though if i put myself forward for submariner I'm guarenteed a place. I'd just like to hear somepoints of view on both sides as although I can see the career pluses of submarines, my long term girlfriend probably won't be too impressed with 15 words a week from me. Many thanks everyone.
  2. There really isn't that muh of a choice really, boats is always best.

    They also tend to have a steadier routine due to the need for specic maintenance periods.

    The people are better and thus the fun is better and the bad times are better.
  3. Thing about being a sundodger is that you might get to go all around the world, but you'll never know it!
  4. Well they have to save spaces for the birds on skimmers. Just think of the submarine pay, £5000 bonus when you complete you part three, nice shiny brooch to impress people with. You can look like my advatar a standard issue submariner.

    Remember, girlfriends are a short term commitment for sex, being a submariner means good and loyal friends and being part of an exclusive international brotherhood for LIFE.

    Nutty LSRPSM(time served)
  5. The way it is going with the surface fleet, I'd suggest boats. You have more of a steady routine, pay is better, golden hand shake etc
  6. I spent my 22 years in the Fleet air Arm.
    After leaving I worked for BAe on SINs systems for a time. During that time I found submariners to be great guys though their sense of humour was a little strange. So if you can't be a wafoo be a submariner
  7. Nutty LSRPSM(time served)

    What were you in for mate???? LOL
  8. Volunteering mate. No pension, did my 9 plus boys time and left time served as opposed to retired.

    Don't ever do it or you get more than the average armed robber.

  9. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Just do what everyone else does - pretend to be wibble/dodgy back/whatever, get a compassionate draft and stay shoreside for the rest of your career!
  10. I went round the world twice in boats (and knew it - it was all those hotels on subsistence!!). On the first one stopping half way round in Singapore for a quick break and then carrying on with the other half 18 months later!!
  11. What do you mean the way it is going with the surface fleet? Please elaborate?? :)
  12. Topmast and such, boats tend to be a bit more steady and you're not moved around drafts as much as surface fleet based but that is from what I had seen and was informed of by friends on subs when I was in.

    Could be different now but I doubt it is.
  13. may i ask how was the AIB? ive got mine and march and as im only 17 and do essentially sweet fa apart from school and boxing i think ive had it on the organisation and team work sides and sheet

    not that i cant work as a team, but i havent been an sea cadet or similar so have nothing "to say"
  14. It may be an idea to actively look around for opportunities that you can use at AIB, for example voluntary work, getting involved in your boxing club as a committee member or organising fixtures, bouts etc.

    As you're only 17, the AIB will really be looking for potential but will also be interested in any examples where you have looked for positions of responsibility or took the opportunity to "shine".
  15. my boxing club lacks a commitee of sorts, and its just finding the time for such things, i train 4 days a week, after school, work two others, my only free day is sunday, and seeing as i finish work at 4 a.m, i dont get up until 12, half my day is gone already
  16. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Not trying hard enough... 8O :lol:
  17. The challenge is to impress them with your achievements, not provide excuses.

    That may seem harsh, but it is not excuses that impress them rather what you have managed to do.

    Just to give you an idea, I represented my school in two sports and did the associated training was in the RNR and held down after school jobs as well and still found time to restore a vintage car.

  18. Thanks for all the advice guys, bit late in the reply I know but in the end the mob made the choice for me! at BRNC as a XSM!
  19. COOL! I wish I had the choice... Damn my lady lumps.
  20. Joined General service as JRO(G) and didn't make it into boats until I was an RS many years later. Enjoyed life before boats in LONDON,REDPOLE,JERSEY,STARLING and NEWCASTLE but wouldn't go back for anything, treated better alongside the wall (If theres no work on then f**k off ashore or weekend), money obviously outstanding but atmoshpere at sea and ashore between the lads and with the wardroom what makes it. Would say that nearest to it is life on small ships, same attitude to rig and turn to to a certain extent, but have done both and boats win hands down!

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