Submiss = Argentinian Submarine San Juan

Have we had this one yet?

However RT is Putin's disinformation channel so a pinch of salt perhaps.

What I still don't understand is why, with known battery probs, the s/m did not make its transit surfaced.

Anyway lots of promotions in the ARA now after the cull.
Re; Alleged Corruption

1. WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2017 • 15:38

They level the Navy and kidnap documentation on the repair of the submarine ARA San Juan

Following a complaint by Carrió, Justice investigates irregularities in the restoration process of the naval units during the Kirchner administration.
The Justice today carried out a raid on the Libertad building, headquarters of the Argentine Navy, and seized records and documentation to determine if there were irregularities in the repair processes of the naval units, mainly the submarine ARA San Juan , which disappeared 35 days ago with 44 crew on board.

the complaint filed last week by the national deputy Elisa Carrió against the former defense ministers of Kirchner Nilda Garré, Arturo Puricelli and Agustín Rossi, a who accuses of fraudulent administration, bribery and influence peddling as a result of the repair of half life to which the submarine was subjected between December 2008 and June 2014 in the Argentine Industrial and Naval Complex (Cinar)...

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They approved the creation of a parliamentary commission to investigate what happened

The Chamber of Deputies approved yesterday unanimously and turned to the Senate a bill that creates a special commission to investigate the tragedy of the submarine ARA San Juan, which disappeared in the waters of the Argentine Sea on November 15. The initiative would be sanctioned next week by the Senate, which intends to treat it on tables with the consensus of all political parties.

The tragedy of San Juan was also installed yesterday in the Senate. Summoned by the Kirchner block, but with the participation of senators from other blocs, a group of relatives transferred to the legislators their claim so that the search for the ship is not interrupted.

At the meeting, dramatic stories of the anguish and suffering of the family members were heard. Also their complaints about the treatment they received from the Navy and the Ministry of Defense since the incident with the ARA San Juan was known, and the suspicions against the Navy's conduct of having hidden information about the alleged poor condition of the submarine. Although it had been speculated that Cristina Kirchner would attend, the former president was not present. In return, surprised the presence of Julio Cobos (UCR-Mendoza).

The commission voted yesterday by Deputies must issue a final report within a period of no more than one year from its start-up and will have broad powers to request documentation, take statements from public officials, order the carrying out of studies and expert reports, and carry out investigations into job.

In addition, as it may require information from the National Intelligence System and the bicameral oversight commission of the intelligence agencies, it will have the power to hold secret meetings at the request of the majority of its members.

The project was promoted by the deputy Guillermo Carmona (FPV-Mendoza) and supported by all the parliamentary blocs. It was voted on tables and almost without debate at 4 o'clock in the morning yesterday.

The commission will be composed of six senators and six deputies, and may designate a team of experts and experts in defense, and in naval matters, at least two of them must be retired sailors with a grade not less than rear admiral, composed of five members. Those who have access to documentation and to the actions of the commission that are related to questions of military intelligence, will be obliged to keep secret. In its articles, the project emphasizes that the commission must pay special attention to the requests of the family members of the ship's crew.

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Re: <<... why, with known battery probs, the s/m did not make its transit surfaced.?>>

One can only speculate but into the mix - Too rough topsides for Surface/Snorting transit.

IMHO That Battery problem was an effect, caused by water ingress through the Ventilation System,

One hypothesis which could/should be high on the list of those 3 Senior Submariners investigating is that, on diving, that vent. system water ingress continued at a much higher rate than pumping out attempts could handle. Then the uncontrollable depth incursion lead towards that implosion incident previously recorded.

The poor souls might have been oblivious to the latter but I cannot discard their awareness of the former.
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this is a sad affair, we submariners take risks / known risk every time we sailed and dived. The last thing needed was to worry about penny pinching possibly corrupt officials in maintenance and overhaul periods.
let there be no stone left unturned until the truth is known and the guilty are brought to justice
For me the crippling sentence in BOOTWU's post was "during the Kirchner administration". If she gets in court she will swear blind the UK was behind it!! Irrespective of whatever 'it' was or is!!!

As for the investigation. I do hope the truth does out but I don't hold my breath with latin American justice.

44 families need to know the truth behind their loved ones end.
^Aye @Waspie.

IMHO To a far lesser degree the Crew of her Sister Boat* will be in for their own anxious time- if there is enough of them after a few Vol Rets/PVRs...

* Commissioned 1973

In September 2016, Santa Cruz (S42)started a renovation and life extension program at the Tandanor shipyard in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The work will include changing all 960 batteries, periscope and snorkel maintenance, revision of engines, and overall system upgrades.... Wiki

The Justice took from the Navy five boxes of documentation during the break-ins by force.

Five boxes of documentation, duly stamped, are waiting to be opened and analysed in the federal court of Sergio Torres. That was the result of the raid carried out in the Libertad Building, headquarters of the Navy, in the case in which the national deputy Elisa Carrió is investigating the repairs of ships and submarines between 2005 and 2015, during the Kirchner administration.

"Now we must analyse all its content, it is estimated that the task will take a while, because investigators have to determine precisely what will be the purpose of the case and check that the same is not being investigated in another court", explained judicial sources to LA NACION .

The result of the search carried out in the offices of the Ferrostaal Argentina company will also be analysed, which was in charge of replacing and repairing the 960 batteries of the ARA San Juan submarine.

Given that there is already another cause opened by the disappearance of the submarine, which is processed by the federal judge of Caleta Olivia, Martha Yáñez, in that case the pertinent documentation should be sent to the court that already had that investigation.

Carrió's complaint implicates the former Kirchner ministers Nilda Garre , Arturo Puricelli and Agustín Rossi, whom she accuses of the crimes of conspiracy and fraudulent administration.


There are currently only two vessels in the search area

Far from the international deployment that prevailed in the first month of search, two Argentine Navy ships are kept in the area of operations in which it is trying to locate the submarine ARA San Juan. They are the destroyer ARA Sarandí and the ARA Islas Malvinas warning, which transports the Russian remote operation vehicle (ROV) Panther Plus, which has the mission to investigate possible contacts.

Meanwhile, the oceanographic ship Atlantis, of the United States, sailed yesterday from the Naval Base Mar del Plata, where it carried out procurement and logistics tasks. Tomorrow she will return to the theatre of operations. Yesterday afternoon, the ARA Puerto Argentino warning also sailed for the area.

For later it was the return of the oceanographic ship Yantar, of the Russian Federation, which today will depart to the port of Montevideo to complement the replenishment tasks initiated in the port of Buenos Aires.

In that context, Vice Admiral José Luis Villán began his activity as head of the Navy. Yesterday he met with all the admirals to analyse the handling of internal communication and plans to travel to the naval base of Puerto Belgrano, where the command of the search operation of the ARA San Juan is concentrated.

Villán temporarily replaced Admiral Srur, who is accused of political mismanagement of the crisis of the submarine. " Villán’s intention is to go to Puerto Belgrano to recognize the team work in the search operation and also the intentional advice of the United States, the Russian Federation and the United Kingdom in the search criteria," said a naval source.


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@Seadog you can safely cough up your hard earned now

Ladies and Gents.

Seasons greetings to you all, it gives me great pleasure to announce that following several months of patiently waiting, I today received confirmation from the Charity Commision that We Remember Submariners will officially now be recognised as a charity, and our name will be added to the register of charities.

I would like to thank all of you for your patience, support and help over the year.

Seasons greetings to you all.

Nigel mellor
We Remember Submariners
Registered as a charity in England and Wales.


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Ananalytical review of all information released by the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-BanTreatyOrganizationon the acoustic signal associated with the loss of the Argentina Submarine *ARA SAN JUAN* confirms the following:

● That acoustic signal originated near 46-10S, 59-42W at 1358Z (GMT) on 15 November 2017. *It was produced by the collapse (implosion) of the ARA SAN JUAN pressure-hull at a depth of 1275-feet*. Sea pressure at the collapse depth was *570 PSI*.

● The frequency of thecollapse event signal (bubble-pulse) was about *4.4 Hz*.

● The energy released by the collapse was equal to the *explosion of 12,500 pounds of TNT* at the depth of *1275-feet*.

● That energy was produced by the nearly instantaneous conversion of potential energy (sea-pressure) to kinetic energy, the motion of the intruding water-ram which entered the SAN JUAN pressure-hull at a speed of *about 1800 mph*.

● The *entire pressure-hull was completely destroyed* (fragmented/compacted) *in about 40 milliseconds* (0.040s or 1/25th of a second), the *duration of the compression phase of thecollapse event* which is half the minimum time required for cognitive recognition of an event.

● Although the *crew may have known collapse was imminent, they never knew it was occurring*.

● *They did not drown or experience pain. Death was instantaneous*.

● The *SAN JUAN* wreckage *sank vertically* at an *estimated speed between 10 and 13 knots*.Bottom impact would not have produced an acoustic event detectable at long range*.

■The open questionis: ... *Why was no corrective action - such as blowing ballast - taken by the *SS SAN JUAN* *crew before the submarine sank to collapse depth?*

According to Argentine Navyspokesman Gabriel Galeazzi, the Commanding Officer of the *SS SAN JUAN* reported a *"failure"* in thesubmarine's *"battery system"*, The time of that report was 0730 on 15 November, assumed to have been GMT. Subsequently, the problem was reported to have been *"fixed"*.

The *SS SAN JUAN* intended to submerged and continued its transit north. The*SS SAN JUAN* *pressure-hull collapsed at 1358 GMT on 15 November*.

In the case of the loss of the US nuclear submarine *SCORPION (SSN 589)*, hydrogen out-gassed by the main battery exploded at 18:20:44 GMT on 22 May 1968 *incapacitating/killing the crew with an atmospheric over-pressure in the battery well, estimated to have been 7-10 times the fatal value*. The pressure-hull was not breached. This assessment was based on analysis of acoustic detections of the event and damage observed in pieces of the fragmented battery recovered from the wreckage at a depth of 11,100 feet by the *US submersible TRIESTE*, e.g., microscopic, spectrographic and x-ray diffraction analyses. (There was no flooding of the pressure-hull before the battery exploded.)

*USS SCORPION (SSN)* lost power and sank slowly over nearly 22 minutes to collapse at a depth of 1530-feet at 18:42:34 GMT on 22 May 1968.

There is the possibility that a similar sequence of events occurred aboard the *SS SAN JUAN*. If the wreck is located and efforts are made to recove rcomponents, emphasis should be placed on the battery system.

Bruce Rule

Lead acoustic analyst at the US Office of Naval Intelligence
Argentina's San Juan Submarine 'Had Flaws Before Disappearing'...

According to the auditors, the ARA San Juan underwent 39 months of uninterrupted navigation, against the recommendation of its manufacturer.

Argentina's ill-fated ARA San Juan submarine navigated for 39 months uninterrupted, against the recommendation of its manufacturer, it has been revealed.

Crew of ARA San Juan Submarine 'Died in Explosion': Report

On Friday, the Federal Police of Argentina conducted four raids in connection with the investigation into the disappearance of the submarine.

The vessel, which went missing along with her 44 crew on November 15 in the waters of the Argentine Sea, had shown "flaws" before embarking on her final voyage, Federal Judge of Caleta Olivia Marta Yañez reported.

Yañez confirmed that he received documentation from auditors who inspected the submarine after half-life repairs, in which they warned of "shortcomings" in the vessel.

"I quoted the body of auditors who are the ones who informed me that there were flaws, but for that I need to see the elements and also know whether the Navy did something to alleviate those shortcomings," he said...>>

More at the above Link



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Dear Gentlemen,
Days ago, I took notice by Internet of your edition of the commemorative pin for the passage to the "eternal patrol" of our 43 men and one woman of the ARA San Juan submarine.
Despite the differences that we have with the Royal Navy.
Despite having been true and honorable enemies in the past and not having yet resolved the issue that unfortunately separates us; this gesture confirms the Navy Officer rule of:
"A Naval Officer is first and foremost a Knight, and if he knows how to navigate ..., better"
WRS members do exercise this axiom, beyond the circumstances, and deserve our total respect and admiration for it.
Very well done…! Eternally grateful,
Oscar Guillermo Vazquez
Navy Lieutenant (RE)
Malvinas / Falklands War Veteran.
Armada Argentina

Note by janner, I understand that to date upwards of £4000 has been raised by the sale of the San Juan pins to date, I also understand that there are some pins left here

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