Submiss = Argentinian Submarine San Juan


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Being reported on Sky, Guardian, BBC, CNN, Telegraph (yesterday), ABC etc.
Ah, sorry.

It must just be my BBC News TV broadcasts this morning that (up to now) have totally omitted to mention that she is on the roof and 'safe'.

Guardian....... I expected more from you.
Latest I’ve heard.

The Argentinian navy have confirmed that the seven satellite calls were from ARA San Juan and they have just as of 45 minutes ago been in contact with the boat. Yet no official report but I strongly believe this is the truth, unless the person I’m in contact with is being fed false information. Standby.


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Reported on Sky News at this time, no sightings, no contact. Last communication on Wednesday morning.


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I hope this is good news and not wishful thinking on someones behalf. Aside from the crew on board their families must be going through hell.

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