Submiss = Argentinian Submarine San Juan

Round-up of recent press stories on ARA SAN JUAN, Google translate or similar needed.

Interesting that one of the Team aboard the Seabed Constructor which found the Boat is a marine archaeologist who lives in UK but was born in the 'Malvinas'. NB @janner re your post 202.

Another article states that the inboard lockers for the Crew's kit, previously sealed, have now been opened, filmed and 'sifted' by their authorities.

I guess the NOK will eventually receive their personal items - but I'd hope there is nothing among the ditty boxes to cause the families further distress 'coz, ermm, well you know what sailors are...


Off thread slightly, but among the other Clarin news items today's 'Most Read' is topped by the woman-scorned dit which was also picked up by @dapperdunn post #10,909 here:
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