Submiss = Argentinian Submarine San Juan

After 80 days of the disappearance of the submarine ARA San Juan , President Mauricio Macri promised yesterday to the relatives of the 44 crew to redouble the search, technology, ships and collaborate with the judicial investigation.

And announced that on Monday will set a "millionaire international reward" for whoever finds the ship, which would be around US $ 4 million. The meeting of just over an hour, in the North Hall of the Casa Rosada, was tense. There were strong claims to the Government of 35 relatives to increase efforts in the waters of the South Atlantic and accelerate the investigation into the causes of the tragedy of the ARA San Juan.

After the meeting, the Minister of Defense, Oscar Aguad , informed that the Government will publish on Monday an administrative resolution by which it will offer "a millionaire international reward" for those who find the submarine. When the press asked if it could be about US $ 4 million, Aguad said: "It is probable, it is probable ...".

A good idea? IMHO, it struck me as a politician's persuasive platitude to pacify and painlessly ease the anguish of the Crew's relatives.

Who gets the Reward? If a vessel arrived on station and (searching an area deemed the likeliest by results from previous search vessels) finds the boat two-six: Jackpot - Kerching!

Then, whom of the finder's vessel gets to actually trouser shares of that quoted $4 Mill USD? The finder's government? the crew?

IMO - Most unfair to all those other searchers who (diverted at nil notice from other tasks to transit search and return) had spent weeks 0f rolling their guts out fruitlessly but on purely altruistic humanitarian grounds

$4 Mill USD? Just my opinion, but best safely ringfenced, with other funding, for the dependents charitable trust fund.

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