Submiss = Argentinian Submarine San Juan


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And HMS Protector, we putting out an olive branch or is it politics aside for the sake of the sailors?
I thought when it came to submarine safety it was always politics aside, barring all out war!!!
Just hope it ends well and the sailors are alive.
Not anywhere near the same scale as this incident. I was part of a huge NATO exercise when a German 206 fired a red grenade. Ex stopped and all air assets scrambled to get the crew off. She surfaced, fire on board with a severe list. However it ended well. All crew safe. End of the day thats what counts.


Sundodgers worldwide will know the stress the families of the crew of San Juan will be experiencing right now, and I join all those with crossed fingers for a positive outcome.
If they're able to do so, I'm sure the crew will be doing all they can to resolve the situation, so let's keep hoping for the best.
btw : I agree with Anchor Faced re Waspie's dit - BZ!


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Watching, waiting and hoping. Situation had been on my mind since
the event was called. Noticed that it was given a 20 second news bite
on Breakfast TV this morning.
HMS PROTECTOR tasked as previously stated.
I feel for all those families shoreside and I know that us ex or serving
sundodgers have had images flash through their minds as to what
may have happened.....and we all truly hope that we're wrong.


The Argentine Foreign Ministry said in a statement that numerous foreign governments had offered "logistical help and an exchange of information for this humanitarian search".

Argentina accepted an offer from the United States for a NASA P-3 explorer aircraft, which had been stationed in the southern city of Ushuaia and was preparing to depart to Antarctica, to make an exploratory flight over the search area, Mr Balbi said.

A Hercules C-130 from the Argentine Air Force was also flying over the operational area. Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Britain and South Africa had also formally offered assistance.

A Chilean aircraft was on its way to join the search.
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I'm now thinking that if she is on the bottom air supply and cleansing must be, if not exhausted, nearly so. She has not been heard from since Wednesday morning.