Discussion in 'Submariners' started by TerryFukWit, Sep 13, 2010.

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  1. ....... Are big, hard and full of seamen
  2. Well I never knew that. :roll: Not quite as funny as the forum title, but you have almost formed a whole sentance well done have a cookie.

  3. Terence. Sitting in his month old underpants in a bail hostel somwhere ......... drool cascading on to the keyboard of his stolen computer as he entertains us with his shining wit.....whining shit more like. Please block the ventilation trunking of your central heating boiler, go to bed and turn a rather fetching shade of crimson.
  4. Re - TerryFukWit

    "Account Suspended" - The Outrage Bus is now back in the depot.
  5. Actually Billy, it's not crimson, it is generally described as 'cherry red' but I agree entirely with you!!

    Terry, how about auto asphyixiation, without an escape device? (Just read a book, not from practice!! :oops: )
  6. All a bit cruel, aren't you?
    Give the lad (cos I guess its a lad) only started school last week.
    He' or she has done well to learn how to write this quick.

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