Discussion in 'Submariners' started by ma(sm)?, Oct 2, 2006.

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  1. I'm just waiting for my entry date to the navy and have applied as an MA, and the submarine branch looks like the best out of the specialisations. my family is not keen on the idea especially my dad who is an ex marine. I would go general service but the sea going opportunities seem to be rare and up to a 6 year wait if you do get to go. ma(sm) does sound like a good branch to be in and the more i think about it the more i want to go into the submarine service. any advice would be great
  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    According to rumours on the Forum, you need to deal in drugs and an interest in Trainspotting would also help, :lol:
  3. el capitano by any chance?
  4. If you ask Janner politely he'll explain LOL :lol: :lol:

    Crabby but Happy
  5. thanks for the advice :roll: go on then, am a bit confused :? :)
  6. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    You'll know, of course, that to qualify as an SBA (they keep changing the name), its obligitory to be gay (that should get the attention of the several MA's on the site)
  7. Most of us start out confused. Somewhere's along the way it all begins to make sense - apparently.

    I've not served in the SM world but worked around these guys for years. You'll never go short of good friends and cash.

    The train spotting / drug problems are not mandated. This only applies to a select few. :lol:

  8. MA

    He is just a silly old ex-SM-Coxswain who got upset cos when they stopped him being the ships Dr. and performing operations on poor innocent submariners by putting medics into boats. I am reliably informed by my agents in Lower Dorsetshire that Alzheimer's has set in together with his Jenny Dabber fixation.

    Some one with knowledge out there tell this young man what he wants to know before Janner ruins his blossoming life.

    Go for Boats MA you know its makes sense, its more money
  9. MA(SM). As someone who has recenlty finished a stint on SMs I think it is only fair to tell you that although the job is challenging and rewarding, and the extra cash is great - and MA's are eligible to lots more, and there is a good chance of accelerated promotion - which always helps, there are a few drawbcks.

    Due to the shortages of MASMs you will be worked bloody hard, if on an SSBN you will quite possibly be 1 in 2 duties alongside - and that is shit! However you do get a cupboard full of drugs to abuse and the biggest, most secure porn stowage on board
  10. I would echo Nutty on this one. Yes you work hard in boats, but you will be working with God's chosen ones. You will work with real mates, the sort that will ensure that all your runs ashore are good, wherever they are, the sort of guys that you can trust when the chips are down be it at sea or ashore.

    On top of all that they pay you more for being priviledged.

    Go for it and good luck.

  11. I thought they made it legal not obligitory :wink:

    What do people think about life on a submarine? don't the enclosed spaces bother anyone?
  12. MA(SM)

    I can only reply to you from 30 years ago. No, enclosed spaces do not bother you its bigger than an underground carriage and on the nuke boats that you may serve on more than one deck. You are both knackered from watch keeping and INVINCIBLE cos you are under 30. Lots of responsibility at a young age, few Officers about to give you shit and pointless orders. The nature of the beast makes for a high calibre of training and efficency. No you do not get to see lots of pretty sunsets/sunrises like skimmers do. You will need to learn to speak Jock and choose between Rangers and Celtic. Girls think you are the business, Superman in uniform.

    Coffin dreams do not kick in until you are about 60.

    Also as I understand that when you pass your part three Pusser gives you £5000 or £4000 after tax, better than a kick in the teeth or lots of roughers in ther North Atlantic in winter on a surface ship. "OOW take us down to 100 metres" Now thats calm lads.

  13. thanks Nutty,

    do you get to see much of the world or is it just faslane and the south coast that you see?
  14. I would not join the Submarine Service think about Trident 3 months down.
    i did 8 weeks at a time on Polaris bought myself out

    Rupert ex Resolution
  15. Rupert...surely even had two crews!!![​IMG]

    should have tried one of these..they were "real" boats... :twisted:
  16. Three months completely isolated from Tony Blair, politics and the outside World! What wrong with you mate! Most people would jump at the chance! :twisted:

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