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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by salomon kalou-less, Nov 28, 2014.

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  1. Hey guys I've had a little search and was curious about a few things. After lurking in the shadows of this website.... Bit like a stalker (practice for the job I call it ;) others may say creeping) I've decided to post a thread. I am really interested in joining the boats it seems challenging but rewarding, a lot of my friends are stuck in 9-5s with finance firms and that just doesn't appeal to me. Anyway a few things, the one thing putting me off slightly is the living in Scotland aspect, from what I've read a lot of you guys tend to think it's 'well grim up north' is it all that bad around faslane? Is it a permanent move of could this be subject to change under a different government? I just wanted your thoughts on whether faslane was A that bad B a particularly good place to base the boats C whether it's a good idea to chuck all the eggs in one basket? The latter two were more out of interest.
    I appreciate it is a pretty trivial reason to not join, every other aspect of the job seems positive if not atleast interesting! Also with a lack of volunteers to man the boats surely sending us all to Scotland will only hinder recruitment?
    NOTE: I have nothing against Scotland.... But come on who wants to live there ;)
    Also I apologise if these kind of things have been answered but I couldn't find much about just the fact that they are moving there.... Cheers for any help and have a Nice weekend fellas!
  2. As it stands if you want to join boats you will be going to Scotland if you plan a career of a decent length of time.
    V boats are currently up there and even with a change of government north or south of the border i can't see that changing for financial reasons. A boats will all be based there from build.
    The T boats remaining in service are supposed to be moving up but this may or may not happen it depends who you speak too, the party line is that they will.
    All other submarine type things like the school and whatever SETT turns in to are due to move up in the next few years.
    The idea is to give stability and allow people to live in one place and not have to move around a great deal.
    Now personally I like Faslane as much as I think its a better establishment than Plymouth and I'm from up north so that is an advantage.
    Down sides it is pretty grim weather wise and it is a little isolated whereas if your not lazy you can walk in to Plymouth city or easily catch a bus.
  3. Cheers pal! I'm a northerner myself! It is what I want to do and living in Scotland doesn't really seem to be the worst thing in the world but from what I have read on here faslane does tend to divide opinion ( as I guess most things will) I guess the what thing could be for me to go for a weekend and have a poke about. Is there much of a vibe around the place or is it literally an outpost in the middle of Clyde? Weather doesn't actually bother me to be honest. I've had a google but the pictures tend to be of the protests haha I'm a young lad, with a young girlfriend and don't want to force her up there if there's nothing for her, she can work from home so it's not the career progression she'd worry about just day to day life. How long have to been their roughly if you don't mind me asking? it's something
  4. There isn't a great deal the main town is called Helensburgh and there isn't a great deal there either. If you are planing on moving up there with a Mrs then you could always live in Glasgow as many people do if you dont mind an hour commute each way.
    I spent about 18 months based up there.
  5. Oh okay an hours not TOO horrendous! Although... Glasgow? ;) nah I'm Scouse so beggars can't be choosers haha cheers for all your help pal! Guess I'll report back to the lady! Worst come to worst shell just have to spend all of my money internet shopping g opposed to traditional methods. Cheers again buddy!
  6. Borrowed from a submarine orientated Faceache page. Hope it helps!

    In the House of Commons today, 24 November, the Secretary of State for Defence confirmed that HMS TORBAY and TRENCHANT will not relocate to HMNB Clyde but will remain in Devonport for the remainder of their operational life. HMS TALENT and TRIUMPH will base port change to HMNB Clyde in 2019 and 2020 respectively.
    The drivers for this decision are twofold. Feedback received by the Submarine Sustainable Manning Programme indicated that the original plan to move all T-Boats to HMNB Clyde – arising from the 2008 Maritime Change Programme - was now strongly retention negative. The revised relocation plan will allow greater stability for Devonport based submariners and their families and will smooth the transition to the establishment of a Single Integrated Submarine Operating Base on the Clyde by 2020. In addition, it does not represent value for money to move TORBAY and TRENCHANT so close to the end of their service lives.
    This decision is a sensible balance between the operational requirements of the Submarine Service and providing longer term domestic stability for our Service personnel and their families as they plan their futures. It in no way changes our intention to develop a Submarine Centre of Specialisation in HMNB Clyde. This facility will host world-class support and training facilities and will significantly reduce the amount of time submariners are required to spend away from their base port in order to conduct training with an obvious benefit to their harmony.
    Until TALENT and TRIUMPH relocate, HMNB Devonport will continue to provide operational support and platform-specific training to the Trafalgar Class. Post 2020, Devonport will continue to support fleet operations under the Maritime Support Delivery Framework. It will remain the home of the amphibious assault ships, a significant portion of our frigate capability, the surveying squadron and a number of other units, including 1 Assault Group Royal Marines. It will also continue to provide bespoke deep maintenance facilities for all ships based there, as well as nuclear submarines.
  7. I live in faslane and I like it. It's not great for public transport for those without their own would be my main gripe as the base is set a few miles apart from helensburgh and garelochhead, the two nearby settlements with train stations. There is a base bus to helensburgh and Glasgow airport, but it's not super regular. On the other hand, once you get there, Glasgow is great, and I find the base itself spot on. The AT opportunities are also the best of anywhere in the RN, in my opinion. Basically, people drip but it's not the hell on earth a lot of southern matelots would have you believe.
  8. In my experience you either love Faslane or hate it. I'm not going to predict which camp you'll fall into but if you're going to spend your entire career there you need to be one of the former. As for partners some thrive on having all the responsibility of being the main homemaker while others pine for all their family and friends hundreds of miles away in England. One thing is for certain you need to be pretty sure about going to Faslane before you sign on the line.
  9. I'm actually from Helensburgh and Pusser was kind enough to keep sending me back! Faslane is great. Almost any outdoor sport you can think of is available - so long as you get off your arse and leave the XBox in the cabin.
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  10. Cheers guys! I think I might try arrange a little trip to that neck of the woods just to see what it's like. I am more of an out doorsy kind of person, (I'm 21 and don't own an x-box, that's probably a record in modern Britain!) from the material you were kind enough to post I gathered they were doing it for the benefit of the submariners themselves... Or say they say, shame really wouldn't mind moving about a little bit, oh well I guess you can't have it all! Another thing was I was recently at the AFCO and was discussing that there wasn't too much information (reliable information anyway according to him) about life on the boats, he did tell me there was a DVD about life on board however they are moving offices and he didn't have one available, I was wondering whether anybody knew whether it had been put online anywhere? I checked the Royal Navy website and couldn't find it! I've read about in various parts of the internet (some of the things you Can find on the internet ) there's enough about shift patterns, minimal washing etc but not much in terms of down time, I assume there is some no matter how minimal haha. Thanks again fellas! Love the banter you guys all seem to have too! Hopefully I'll be on the inside, might actually get some of the jokes then haha
  11. Some of the posts I have read on here made out faslane was a death sentence haha
  12. If you are an outdoors person there is no better place to be than the west coast of Scotland (except New Zealand - obviously). During my time in Faslane I made the most of the access to the hills and used to stay onboard during leave periods to have a base to go further north. A stones throw from the 'Bonnie Bonnie banks of Loch Lomond', and personally I have always found Scotland a great place to be.
  13. Scotland's a bit like France; nice country, shame about the people who live there!
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