Submarines, do they visit foreign ports....?

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Sea-man, Feb 1, 2015.

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  1. May sound like a silly question, but I am currently going through the requirements for a marine engineering technician S/M

    Whenever I tell people I'm joining the navy they say well at least you will get to see the world, but I'm not entirely sure I will haha, any help would be decent thanks a lot!
  2. Thank you x
  3. Too right my friend.. Too right! GOODNIGHT BILLYNOMATES!
  4. None of the above applies if you go bombers, and some of the hotels you get put in a are a bit ropey, on the other hand I've had to endure 5 star hotels as well :)
  5. Closet Crabs!!!

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  6. They do visit foreign ports. But the host country of the port doesn't know they have...Allegedly..;)
  7. Well paid closet crabs who go to sea on weekends and bank holidays.
  8. I don't suppose it matters if it's raining?

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  9. It tends to scare us if we're at 200 metres and it's raining onboard!!
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