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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Always_a_Civvy, Jun 12, 2007.

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  1. This may be of interest to those who do it beneath the waves...

    Nuclear Submarines: Scotland

    Mrs. Curtis-Thomas: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence whether his Department has investigated potential scenarios for the basing of nuclear submarines, including Trident, in locations other than Scotland.

    Mr. Ingram: The Royal Navy's nuclear powered submarine fleets, SSN and SSBN, are currently base ported at HM Naval Base Devonport and HM Naval Base Clyde. As announced by my right hon. Friend the Secretary of State for Defence on 18 September 2006, we are, as part of the Defence Industrial Strategy, conducting a Naval Base Review to ensure that we have the right Naval Base infrastructure to meet the needs of the future fleet. No decisions have yet been taken. However, there are currently no plans to change Naval Base Clyde as the home base of the nuclear deterrent or Devonport as the supporting dockyard.

    source: HC Hansard: 11 June 2007, Col.761W.
  2. Not a chance m8, Bombers will always be based at the Clyde
  3. It’s not just a question of moving (physically) the SSBNs down to Plymouth; it’s the entire supporting infrastructure. It would cost Billions to move all the facilities down south.
  4. Well I was reading in today's Guardian that HMG gave £1.2 Billion to a Saudi Prince over 10 years, to lubricate the wheels of business, so if Scotland declare UDI (or English taxpayers) the money's there!
  5. Having spent time at Faslane with Bomber and Fighter Command, and being born and bred in Guzz, there's no way in the world Guzz could accomodate a Bomber Squadron, the infrastructure couldn't take it without major investment and a massive extension of the Yard. And with the MoD committed to "giving" South Yard back to the community, there just ain't no spare land. Plus where would they put the loading facilities at Coulport - lot of NIMBYs about the NDBs that were (allegedly) stowed at Ernesettle RNAD, so can't imagine what they'd feel about a load of TRIDENT MIRVs being dropped on their doorstep......Can't see it happening chaps.
  6. You fans of Bombers must then hope that the SNP do not obtain a working majority in the Scottish Parliament or total Independence. See what they say about Trident:


    They state they will not pay for Trident and will require a phased withdrawal. So you lads who are still serving better start making some contingency plans.

  7. m8
    i have lived in Helensburgh for the past 20 years, (not my fault i blame Drafty), apart form the 3000 people in the base ( Coulport as well) and the 9000 surrounding jobs, I say bring it on , it wont happen they can shout all they want but feck all will come of it, in Scotland the biggest employer is the civil service.. , i wish i could claim LOA, but it will never happen ware else in the uk do we have the depth of water plus the 80% cloud cover apart from maybe Great Yarmouth, coz lets face it Guz is so shallow even Refit boats (less 16 Tridents Missiles ) have snags getting in or out...
  8. bomber queen

    The UK will not exist, in the event of Scotish devolution so the base will have to move or dispose of Bomber boats, It is not a choice if SNP take full power. So try again and start looking for a fall back postion.

    We could of course sell the boats and missiles to the Irsh as a going concern or th highest bidder.

  9. Or keep Faslane and Coulport as soverign territory, afterall, it happened when we left Cyprus!
  10. You calling me a bomber queen????

    who gives a rats arse if it closes, i say close it, move me back south, but it wont, unfortunately i wish they would ffs, when was the last time you were up hear????????? ummmmmm i can imagine
  11. Faslane was very useful for dropping records off (sometimes we chose Campbell Town.....much more discrete) and as a place to get pissed. Fixing defects...the Faslane Tractor beam always sucked us in as we attempted to progress further north. It's one redeeming feature is the road south. I disliked the place intensely :pukel: .............I've no problem with the natives because like any naval base area, the people were used to matelots and treated us as we treated them......very suspiciously.
    All in all....a very nice place to be sailing south from!!!! :thumright:
  12. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Scotland’s independence will take more than just a few votes, they need to leave the union that is the United Kingdom. That request will have to be granted by some one, be it government or sovereignty. I believe that what Stumpy says will be the only way that that request will be granted.
  13. That way the SNP can rightly declare that there are no nuclear weapons on Scottish territory... in the same way that Greenwich was a "nuclear free zone" despite Jason...
  14. That was the very reaon Plaris was sent to Scotland, the government of the day was too scared to impose the base on any English port and tried to spin the building of the base at Faslane as a benefit to mop up the unemployment caused by the collapse of shipbuilding on the Clyde. A classic we don't want the nasty things here send them to Scotland where it doesn't matter.
  15. The Union is like a marriage, it takes two to make it happen but only one for a divorce, or off course you can follow the US example and have a 'Civil War' to enslave the seceding party.
  16. I’m not very familiar with divorce so anyone please correct me. It takes one to decide to file for divorce, but unless both parties agree to a divorce, it takes a very, very long time for the marriage to be annulled.
  17. But the relationship is over and all that is left is to share out the spoils.
  18. Last time I was in the Faslane area was 18 months ago, my Brother lives in Kilcreggan and I visit regularly when in the UK. Last time I was in the base was the last SA Reunion held there in 2002 I think. Prior to that between 1966 when HMS Neptune was commisioned and 1972.

    I may just be back very shortly after Christmas.


    The standard name in the 70's was "Bomber Queens" all clean and pusser.

  19. The relationship is not over, as evidenced by the number of people who voted for Unionist Partis in the last Scottish election.

    It's just the minority gobbing off as usual.
  20. And I was not suggesting that the relationship between Scotland and England was over ratheer that when one partner decides a relatioship is over it is over as a general statement. Sorry for not having made myself clear to you.

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