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The Jolly Roger
Composed by BdCpl Martyn Hancock
Last year a new march was sort to commemorate the centenary of HM Submarine Service. The panel judging the entries voted Band Corporal Martyn Hancock's march 'The Jolly Roger' as the winner. It has now been adopted as the official march of HM Submarine Service.
We have reduced the quality of this file to ensure a quick download. Should you wish to purchase the audio CD please contact the Blue Band Magazine. Click here to have a look at all our other recordings.

Use the above URL for the down load . Must admit , despite not being a bullshit fan there's nothing like a bootneck band
Excellent stuff. The last few bars are very reminiscent of the old submariners' favourite "We're a shower of Bastards, Bastards are we".
I wonder if he had that running round in his mind when he composed it?



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'We're a shower etc' was also the signature tune of HMS Newfoundland 1955-6, played by her Bluejacket band for entering and leaving harbour. In Procedure A the hands lining the side tended to sing along with it - went down well in Australia!

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