Iam looking to join the navy as a submariner chef just going through the process of having a tattoo removed
when I sit the recruitment test do I need a high score? Does anyone know how long waiting lists are for this role?


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Chef Submariner is a very short wait to join - three months test to entry is not uncommon.

Hard work, long hours, cramped conditions and all the MasterChef food critics you could dream of every day & every meal.

The tattoo must be completely gone before you join if it's visible on the head, hands, neck, face.
yer iam mental lol,its just something I have always been interested in, the tattoo is my daughters name on my hand,i understand that it needs to be gone completely. That is a short waiting list im pleased as my son has just passed his fitness test this morning and has been advised a two year waiting list to be a airman.


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Aslong as you can't cook and have no hope of being able to do so, you should be fine
Whilst it's appreciated you may mean that in good humour, I tend to think you are being unfair to one of the hardest working branches in the RN.

If I were a chef & knew your I'D, I'd make sure your statement became self-fulfilling.

Possibly it already has, granted.
That is a short waiting list im pleased as my son has just passed his fitness test this morning and has been advised a two year waiting list to be a airman.
Potentially a father and son passing out of Raleigh together at some point in the future? I reckon that's never happened before.

Good luck to you both.
Well your Menus are going to be interesting reading: (can't add previous post quotes but what you writed was: Iam already in the trade have been sice I was 16).


1. Biled egs
2. Fred bacon
3. Scrambeld EGg
4. Fried braed
5. Mushroams
6. Tomtatoes, Tomarto, Tomto....rouond red things
3. Sossijizz
8. other stuff
11.Ceheezi hami oggy


3. boiled chips
a. Spargeti bolonaize-ee
2(a). Greyve
9. Stake and Kid knee pudpie
5. Ham sadlad
e. rudebard crumbrel


1. Supe

thakn you. dutey cock
I heard food has a funny taste to it if you eat it under water?

All depends if the wrecker has managed to keep the diesel out of the fresh water tanks?
We had odd tasting fresh water at sea, milk would not mix with tea and coffee, on our return to UK some science bods in protection suits went into the tanks and cut some growths of the tank bulkheads and took them away for analysis, never did find out what they were.
So to make good food the chef needs good ingredients, so if your supplies and services to the galley are poor blame the wrecker but if you have good ingredients and supplies and services to the galley expect critics.
In submarines being the chef will only be one of your Jobs, first you have to pass your part 3 (or whatever it’s called now) and that is not that easy, you have to achieve the right standard to pass WreckerL like myself will have taken many a trainee regardless of rank for part 3 walk rounds, we had to make sure when shit hits the fan you will know how to shut a compartment or bulkhead down. As a senior rate you could be a planes man, attack BA and part of the damage control firefighting team, offer of the watch below on the surface. There is a saying in boats that we do not carry passengers when on opps, and every person has more than one job, except the skipper.
So if you choose to join, good luck, and have fun whilst your young.
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