Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by Kevo, Sep 15, 2009.

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  1. Just a quick question;

    I know submariners is male only - but is the same for when onshore at base?

  2. No - all the female submariners are allowed on shore bases !! :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
  3. Words fail me.. 8O
  4. Only if they are South African gender-bender athelete/stokers.
  5. The female submariners are those young ladies in Faslane who go down :p
  6. Stunned, but I used to know a wren who could breathe through her ears!!!
  7. I don't understand the question.
  8. So what's new? :D :D :D :D
  9. What ? me not understanding the quetion or a question being posed that is hard to understand.
  10. Please can we have some clarification - I've had to change my pants I've been laughing so much!! :lol:

  11. Agree,i am still thinking about this one,maybe he wants to know if there are female submariners working ashore due to the fact that they arnt allowed to go to sea on boats,
  12. I think I can clear up this question:

    Certain submariners, work five days a week "onboard" and
    then come ashore (so to speak) and retire to their inboard
    accommodation, shower, put on little black cocktail frocks,
    fishnet tights and size 14 stillettos, and re-name themselves
    "Tracey" or "Brenda" etc for the purpose of weekend fun.

    They then all troop off down to Helensburgh and flog their
    parts to the nearest available desperate Jock for the price of
    a pint of heavy.

    ......Sort of a way of relieving all that stress of being on Bombers I suppose.
  13. P'raps the female submariners are the "real" Bomber queens...just a thought
  14. There was a recent coxswain who was found to have enjoyed the feel of womens clothes, cant name as im fairly sure hes still in!

    Im with the bomber queens theory, that, or a WE, is the closest you'll get to a woman on boats.. :D
  15. It is wrong to put this sort of information in a public forum. Please send me the datails in a PM.
  16. He might be trying to say, when there ashore do they change sex. wear dresses etc, like the marines.
  17. No, when the submariner goes inboard he has a bath and dhoby and changes into a lady submariner.
    He or I should she goes ashore and 'strangles' a skimmer getting him, the skimmer' to buy the now lady submariner green drinks all night.
  18. Told you so!

    I used to call meself "Sweaty Betty" and no drunken lecherous Jockanese
    person EVER got into me panties for anything less than a bottle of Blue
    Nun and a deep fried battered haggis and chips from the local Italian

    I've still got the frock in the loft - but I don't think I fit in it these days.

    Many a strange thing lurked in the Imperial Hotel back then.
  19. It sounds like there was strange "things" lurking in your underwear as well.

    Glad it didn't get Liberty. :D
  20. Wasn't sure If submariners were Sometimes based with surface crew that's All

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