Discussion in 'Submariners' started by LujonSA, May 18, 2008.

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  1. Not a single submariner's thread in the top twenty threads when I looked just now; disgusting.
  2. Run Silent

    Run Deep

    Remain undetected :lol:
  3. .... at fifteen minutes notice to do something interesting!
  4. We await your interesting post with baited breath

  5. Posting whilst weekend AFJ, that’s dedication.

  6. We are just spinning them up now !!!
  7. Moderator Mode

    OK I have started a thread you can argue over now let the rest of you find a subject and start a thread.

    "LujonSA front and centre orrrrrfffff cap"

  8. Sorry Mod, I went back in the garden and carried on weeding the drive. Anyone would be proud to ride a pussers red devil over it now.

    And I couldn't catch the hover, sorry.
  9. Gardening, do you not have a "significant other" to do weeding you should be sitting in the sun watching Rugby with a bottle of local Vin Rouge to hand.

    In South East Murcia its Tot time, a large "Havana Club 5" with ice today.

    "The Queen or in fact any old queen God Bless em."

  10. Of course I have a significant other, Mrs LujonSA told me where to weed otherwise I would adopt auto mode and pull up anything that is green and that would earn me neuf days neufs and stoppages.
  11. I can only agree with you 'LujonSA' pretty boring stuff. You can always go to:

    Submariners forum here:,2.0.html
  12. Perhaps we are keeping a listening watch only,Ultra Quiet State.
  13. unalerted anti jez..shhh

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