Discussion in 'Submariners' started by hobbit, Nov 15, 2007.

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  1. The various specialist groups in the British Armed Services include elite groups like the RM Commandos , Paras , SBS , SAS , all highly efficient respected and feared . Would there be any advantage in the Submarine Service being trained in commando techniques . etc
  2. In my day some of us were trained as parachutists, as a way of getting people to boats at sea, though the advent of long range helos I suspect mades this skill redundant largely. What value though would there be in having one of god's chosen to be able to carry out the tasks rightfully assigned to those who have not achieved the ultimate staus in live.
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    What made you come up with such a strange idea. Without a jetty these highly trained submariners would have to swim or canoe ashore. By the very nature of their vessel and operational duties are possibly the least fit people in the armed forces with little to no opportunity to even keep fit unless you know of silent exercises and machines, for which there is no space to cater for 70 odd men.

    Back to the drawing board old son.

  4. EEEEEEEEeeeeeeeekkkkkkkk!
    Who in their right mind would jump (willingly - without being pushed) out of an aeroplane, that isn't crashing, with a parachute that MAY open?
    Some things in life are unavoidable....but that's just being certifiable and downright foolhardy!
    A couple of my old ex special forces mates here in the sticks disagree but what do they know, they all get dropped on their head at birth!
    Bunch of lunatics....all of them! :ufo:
  5. I suppose with more detail it is the superb physical and mental fitness of these men I was thinking of . Trained in un-armed combat survival skills beyond belief and bonding in the extreme . The ability to kill without weapons and masters of the martial arts I believe , supermen. Anyway , back to the drawing board, I'll get me 'at .
  6. We was highly trained in the black arts of "small arms"...The (infamous) Lanchester..picture the scene (`63) at ( I still tremble at the name)..Whale island

    A bunch of trainie Submariners, Lanchesters firing live rounds from the hip position, screaming down the field with a GI trying to control us..enough to scare the "Rag heads back to Allah" will we do?

    This was followed later when on me Boat ..Casing duty watch, Lanchester at the ready..etc.
  7. Must admit , although I was never involved with GIs or Whale Island I have learned to have a lot of respect for that branch. looking at their origins ie Trafalgar, they are certainly a breed apart . What was it , gate and gailters ? but not to their face
  8. Actually jumping out of aircraft does make sense(especially if piloted by the FAA), 75% of all accidents happen during the approach and landing, eliminate that from the equation and you're better off :thumright:

    Nutty, 70 odd men? I make no further comment.
  9. Nothing ODD about us, remeber one trip we had a trick cyclist with us who was investigating the effect of submarine life on us. The lads arranged a fore endy/stoker wedding for him. The stokers spent two days making the baby stokers wedding dress out of white gash bags. The poor trick cyclist though thought it was for real.
  10. Did the trick cyclist end up having to consult one of his own colleagues---
    in private? :w00t:

    PS Where are the piccies?
  11. That was in the days before phone cameras and the like.
  12. What boat was that on? We had one on Sealion in '84.
  13. Finwhale late 60s, that was the days of the sinclair black watch and calculator.
  14. It makes me laugh when they have all these so called Experts on these TV Progs like Big Brother spouting off about how people who have no contact with the outside world can go no longer than 3 weeks or they will suffer Mental Anguish,Paranoid Delusions , etc,and there we are (Or were !!) going 2 months plus sometimes without getting a breath of Fresh air or seeing a bit of Sunlight !!
  15. Me thinks I would rather have a frigate and dsrv when I'm down 500ft

    If thats the same as a wet dream, they maybe right.
  16. Only 2 months ? I used to dream of only doing 2 months :dwarf:

    WOOF ! Barking :dwarf:
  17. A man after my own heart

    Who would this highly trained killing submariner be fighting with his bare hands whilst in the middle of nowhere ??

  18. Crabman

    You said "Nutty, 70 odd men? I make no further comment." Perhaps I am missing something can you please explain.


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