Submariners Vs Goats

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by 5dits, Feb 7, 2008.

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  1. More than 120 were humanely killed after the experiments under Home Office regulations, according to the MoD. (direct quote from the link.)

    errmmmmmm just whom where they going to tell... thier NANNY

    and how could the tell if the shull would take the preasure of being under water if they did not go under water!!
  2. Blast ! And I thought it was all about strange naughties going on in the long black things........ :(

  3. AFTER?! That's like torturing someone for a few weeks, and then humanely pumping them full of morphine to finish them off!

  4. totaly agree with you.. what possible reason for putting then down coud they have had... pathitic if you ask me...
  5. Were these the 'Goats' that refused to go to Porton Down?

    ...or...was this another use of a 'scape goat'?
  6. Most cosmetic experiments ie to make a womans eyes sparkle!!! Are conducted outside of the EEC because of the strict rules. And then sold back into the EEC.

    * the Draize eye test, where substances are dripped into the eyes of conscious rabbits;

    The Draize eye irritancy test has been used since 1944. Liquid, flake, granule, and powdered substances are placed into the eyes of rabbits, and then the eyes' progressive deterioration is recorded. The Draize test is responsible for the suffering and death of thousands of rabbits each year but does not prevent or help cure human injury.

    How it is Administered

    During the test, 100 milligrams of a concentrated solution are dripped into the eyes of six to nine conscious albino rabbits, who may be immobilized in stocks from which only their heads protrude. Their eyes often are held open with clips at the lid, and rabbits can break their necks or backs struggling to escape. The damage to the rabbits' eyes is recorded at specific intervals over an average period of 72 hours, with the test sometimes lasting 7-18 days. Reactions to the irritants can include swelling of the eyelid, inflammation of the iris, ulceration, hemorrhaging (bleeding), and blindness. Pain-relieving drugs usually are not administered because experimenters claim their use would interfere with test results. If anesthesia is given, the relief is only temporary.

    * oral toxicity, where animals are force fed a substance once or repeatedly to see the toxic effects;
    * skin irritancy, where a substance is smeared over the shaved back of a group of animals, usually rabbits or guinea pigs.

    I find it pathetic that Spain has guidelines on the use of animals in experiments yet the National past time is sticking spears in cows.

    Weedkiller safe to use will not harm your pet!!!

    Some poor old Rover was designated weedkiller trial for the day.

    Not forgetting a certain dog food that is good for your dogs teeth and gums. Gingivitis bacteria injected into gums the dog fed on wonder food killed gums cut open to see the effect. Bingo we have a wonder food for our family pet!!

    The human race have a thing that all life on planet earth is those to with as they please!!!

    And certain members of the human ruling species feel that way also about there fellow human species.
  7. What do you call an unemployed goat? Billy Idol.

    What do you call a goat at sea? Billy Ocean.

    "Doctor, Doctor I feel like a goat".
    "How long have you felt like that"?

    "Since I was a kid".

    Why did the ram run over the cliff? Answer: He didn't see the ewe turn.

    Why is it hard to carry on a conversation with a goat?
    Because they're always butting in.

    What do you call a goat's beard? A goatee.

    Well that's all the goat jokes, let's get back to the serious side of the tread
  8. i agree with you... ( already made my views on this public) when will we see that each generation is ONLY the caretakers for the next generation !??

  9. What a legacy we are leaving for those behind!!

    Where have all the fields gone, long time passing?
    Where have all the fields gone, long time ago?
    Where have all the fields gone?
    Developers have trashed them them everyone.
    Oh, when will they ever learn?
    Oh, when will they ever learn?

    Only when the last tree has died, and the last river been poisoned, and the last fish been caught, and last field paved over.

    Will we realise we cannot eat money
  10. I been asked questions about this at work by colleagues who know all about my naval fetish. I told them that these were superintelligent goats who, because of the persistant shortage of volunteers to man boats, were trained to operate the craft. ;)
  11. Throughout the '80s and '90s, the INM goats were a regular sight. I'm sure in the '80s I saw the occasional pig (belay funny remarks from the lower deck please) there.
  12. I remeber in the mid 70s the Commander at Osprey kept a pair of goats tethered on the grass outside the back of the wardroom. They did smell a bit so didn't ask them if they had dolphins.
  13. The Pink Pig....was he something to do with these animal experiments. It might explain his sour disposition at times. Or was he just onboard for the extra five friendly tons!
  14. Josie - I agree the goats have more than earned their retirement but, unlike animal testing of 'vanity products', the trials involving goats provided much vital data for the development of submarine escape procedures and 'safe' decompression tables used by divers worldwide for various depths, endurances and mixtures of gases. Water was not necessary in order to subject the anaesthetised goats to pressures found at depth because they were put in dry compression chambers under strict supervision. As I can testify, RN and RN Scientific Service divers (not anaesthetised!) have also been used in such trials.

    Good one. Reminds me of when diseased animals were lobbed over the walls of besieged cities to spread infection among the populace.
  15. Remember a dit about someone bringing a donkey back onboard an A boat in Malta or Gib many years ago.They had to put it to sleep to get it back out again.

    Can anyone else recall this,Nutty perhaps?

    There was also the story of a cat being fired from the under wonder gun as well but thats was on an O boat.
  16. Thank you Naval Gazer
    for your answer to my question, also nice to know that they were sleeping and not stressed out

    I do understand and can even respect this type of testing but still think the putting down part was unnecessary unless of course the poor things were damaged.
  17. Now there's a name to strike terror into any person unfortunate
    enough to cross his path when he was in the wrong frame of mind.

    Which was sort of permanent.

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