Discussion in 'Submariners' started by BillyNoMates, Nov 6, 2008.

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  1. I have no doubt it will come to pass what I want to be around to see is how the medical establishment complete an about face and can state contrary to their last report now all is 100% different.

    "The Institute of Naval Medicine (INM) reviewed the exclusion in 1999, as did subsequently both the Defence Scientific Advisory Council and Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists."

  2. So what are the risks for 'birds on boats'?
    Is it one of being made sterile by getting to close to the reactor? Or something else?
    Come on I'm not in favour of BoBs but lets face it the Vanguard class like the Reso class are floating mansions.
    When I was on Revenge you hardly knew you were at sea you hardly saw anybody and there was one incident when I met someone for the FIRST time a month into the patrol. In fact in our little Senior Rats bunk space there was me (a MCC Fairy) a pair of Reactor clankies and someone who I cannot remember, the two clankies I never saw from one week to the next as our watches never clashed (or did depending which way you looked at it) the fourth member well as I said I don't recall who he was!!!
    I'm sure the transistion will take place cos submarine life has changed radically from the days of diesel boats when you literally shared everything with everyone from your bunk to crabs!!
    I have served on both diesel boats and bombers and albeit I would never swap my diesel days for those I served on Bombers, Bombers were definately the better class to serve for their luxury quotant it wa just a shame there was a bunch of muppets and arrisoles for a crew!! So adding half a dozen women to the mix wouldn't make much of a difference except you'd need a bunny burner in the heads and a tampax dispenser in the bathrooms!!
  3. Well its going to have to happen, there simply are not enough boys to man the submarines. Seeing as its been in the press alot this week, I would suggest that an announcement is imminent, probably regarding coed new bomber crews.
  4. Speaking of which.

    I did RN Diver aptitude week last week with a FEMALE
  5. Ollie, you mean you did a PEDA with a girl? I thought girls werent allowed to be RN divers??

  7. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  8. No, I am talking of CLearance Diver Aptitude week.

    There was a female officer there, she passed.

    But I'm not going to go into how I feel about her passing with relation to her performance because I will be branded sexist.
  9. Ollie, im sure you wont. Forgive my ignorance, but is clearance diver aptitude test week for serving naval personnel?
  10. Ive just found out that this week is done after Raleigh. Sorry for the bone question. Why was the female officer doing the week if she cant serve as a mine clearance diving officer?
  11. All this talk about radiation making you sterile is a load of Horlicks: from 1966-1974, on RESO, CONX & VALIANT, I managed to knock out 5 kids - all daughters, who since have produced 16 grandkids. IIRC correctly, the diesel submariners were producing sons at the same time. There's a medical study about it somewhere, I'm sure.
  12. Well after about 20 attempts using all the combinations of the two topics I can think of it tells me I am not allowed to merge topics in the destination folder. So currently they stay de-merged.

  13. Tell em Nutty you are in charge!!
  14. Agreed JD but then again you always was a mucky git!!
    The trouble with being on diesel boats you could never get close enough to a bird before she screamed 'God you stink'!!!
  15. Females on Bombers then.
    How will the MOD square that one with security. The hacks from the Stun and NOTW et al will be crawling up the 'bulkheads' to get photos.
    Bomber ops are kept as low key as possible, quite so. However, the need to know which among the females has the biggest tits will over ride any opsec going!
    Then again the comings and goings are fairly open secrets now anyway. It's what the boat does when on patrol that matters and that will be kept firmly under wraps...hopefully!
  16. And what , pray, does a Bomber do on patrol SEJUK?
    It patrols up and down the same stretch of water at about 3 to 5 knots at about 100 metres or 300 feet in my day for three months. Every now and again the boat would go to Action Stations missile for a WSRT!
    What is there to square off with security?
  17. Polycell, he is in hereford according to his avatar, so probably overly neurotic about the non existant security risk.
  18. Here we go again, no young lads want to go to sea on boats but a magic wand will be waved in Faslane and suddenly loads of birds in white sweaters will be queuing up on the casing do do something that no other b*stard wants to do, what a complete load of old bollocks.

    As Nutty says, there will have to be a pretty amazing volte face from the powers that be to go back on the surveys that have been done, to suddenly say 'hey girls, its ok we got it wrong, twice!'
  19. Well it wouldn't be the last time they'd got it wrong. I can still rememeber in the late 1980s their Lordships of High Admiralty arging with Parliament to the effect that promoting non-white ratings above the rank of Leading Rate/PO would undermine morale, etc. They put in identical arguments when opposing gays and women..... unfortunately for them the cuttings from the 1980s and the 1970s were still on file. :roll:

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