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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Always_a_Civvy, Sep 8, 2006.

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  1. I thought RumRationers might be interested to know that Sky Three (available on FreeView as well as with a Sky subscription) has just started a new series called Submariners, which is repeated. It is a 6 part series over the next week or so filmed on board the Royal Australian Navy's boat Rankin.

    This is what Sky's own blurb says:
    'Exclusive access to HMAS Rankin, Australia's deadliest submarine. How do the crew of 40 men and five women cope with life beneath the waves? (Part 1 of 6)'

    Here's the Sky Schedule for Friday 8th Sept.
  2. Had a look at it.

    Nice to see Diesel boats are still there same reliable self,as it seems the motors and electrics were falling to bits a day out of port

    Not to sure about having women onboard tho for a patrol !

    Or may be I am still set in my ways from the 70s ??
  3. Don't want to spoil it for you but they made it OK. I could tell you more but I won't just keep you hanging.

    Copies of the CD of the program are available through the West Oz SAA
  4. Thanks Sidon. Could you Post a link for us please?

  5. women in boats!!!!!!!!!! it wont work!
  6. Women on submarines won't work thats for sure. Every few years the same rumour about women only submarines starts up again, I don't think that would work ether.
  7. That rumour is brought out time and time again just to wind the Sun Dodgers up. There's nothing like the mere mention of women in Boats to get them chuntering like hell. :lol:


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