Submariners Service of Remembrance

Once again it is the time of year when we remember all of the submariners who trained in and subsequently sailed from the Northumberland port of Blyth.

This year the Service will be held on Sunday 7th November, commencing at 1030 at the Tiptoe Anchor Memorial, which is located in the centre of Blyth.

All are welcome, as the numbers are getting fewer with the passing of time.

[align=center]LEST WE FORGET[/align]OSD
Many thanks for the invite OSD.
Also received one from Jimmy Jacques.

Although we are unable to present the Blackpool Standard this year, we send you all our best wishes and have a Tot for us in the club afterwards.


It will give me great pleasure to pass on your best wishes and raise a tot after the ceremony to you and your comrades in Blackpool.

Maybe we will see you next year (funding permitting)?

Many thanks to all those who attended the Service of Remembrance today in Blyth.

It was gratifying to see so many young people there, some out of curiosity, and others because their parents or grandparents had links to HMS Elfin.

I had to smile when someone told me that during 1940, HMS Elfin accompanied the Sixth Submarine Flotilla and moved up to Blyth in Scotland!


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