Submariners Role in the Falklands

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Nutty, Nov 27, 2007.

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  1. An article in todays Times states that five boats acted as AEW stations off the Argey Coast in 82. Any comments from you that were there.

    AEW Boats

  2. YES. The article is pretty accurate, Conx spent quite a while "aircraft spotting" but I believe that Valiant did most of it - not sure about the others.
  3. Yet again it shows the dangerous (and unsung) work carried out by you sundodgers... BZ guys...
  4. Convincing proof of the value of submarines for intelligence gathering, among their many other roles. Are we still able to field five SSNs for a single mission leaving sufficient to perform other critical tasks?
  5. A rhetorical question of course - NO! We are currently able (supported) to supply 4 SSNs (worked up and ready to go) in total. This leads us to the question of how many Astute Class do we need? To guarantee an availability of 4 you need to have 8 (by the time Astute itself is due it's 1st LOP).
  6. Sounds like what we were told at the time

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