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The Submariners Association has put together a book of poetry, " Voices from the Deep." Mostly written by British Submariners, although there are a few Australian and American additions.

They date from 1901 until more recent times.

Books are £6.50 including post and package, for greater number, or overseas, you will have to email the man to get a price.

Rather than put full personal details on the website please PM me and I will give you contact details.

I'm still picking through my copy and enjoying it.

If anyone is going to the Military themed fete at Highcliffe in Dorset on Saturday 4th June 2011 Dorset Branch will be selling them at a slightly lower price with no post and pack to pay for.
April 1951 and the tragic loss of HMS Affray off Alderney. I remember well competing in my local SCC unit for the Tugman trophy for best overall cadet. Robin Tugman was on the Affray. During the search an anonymous person on one of the searching ships penned the poem below.

75 souls are now in prayer
With words not heard in any church
Of alternative hope and then despair
Thoughts of sweethearts and of wives
Who cry and know not restful sleep
For thinking of those feared lost lives
In lie in waters enclosed in deep
Give to them my god I pray
Swift rescue and the light of day
Not my will but thine be done
Hear us cry the battle's won
Perhaps such is not your will at all
But on their sins please do not frown
And when your bosun sounds the call
Give your blessing to their last pipe down
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