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If any of you history buffs are interested, this letter has just been circulated thru the Submariners Association. I will also post a link to the Submariners Forum on RR.


Dear Secretary
As you may well know the Gatwick Branch has published three books “Submarine Memoriesâ€,
More Submarine Memories†and “Even More Submarine Memories†the proceeds of which, when
sold, go to Submarine Charities, Care Homes and a little financial support to ex Submariners or
their widows in need.
The sale of these books in the past has been to Association members and some through the
Submarine Museum. Initially we had a great deal of support from Branch members, particularly for
the first volume.
We have however been very disappointed with the support for the third volume “Even More
Submarine Memories†which should be of particular interest to members as it lists every
submariner and their boats lost in World War II and which is therefore a lasting tribute to those
crews who failed to surface.
The book also includes a write up on the unveiling ceremonies which took place on the Island of
Kefalonia, Greece for the crew of “Perseus†which was lost off that island in 1941 and from which
John Capes was the sole survivor.
Our Branch also holds a great many slides of boats and crews which may be of interest to
members and go back many years.
The purpose of this letter is to make your members aware of our collection of photographs and of
the book â€Even More Submarine Memories†which is priced at £9.00 but is on offer to members of
your branch at £5.00 plus 90p post and packing.
Please ask your members to give us their support so that we may continue to give some small
contribution to the RNBT and other essential welfare facilities.
Copies of the book can be obtained from the Chairman of our Archives Committee
Keith Nethercoate-Bryant
Upper Beeding
West Sussex
Tel: 01903 813742
With best wishes to all
Colin Hunt
Branch Welfare Officer and Archives Secretary
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