Submariners' Memorial - Westminster Abbey Cloisters


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Noticed this afternoon. Thought I should share it.

Inscription is difficult to read in this snap so here it is:

"To the glory of God and in memory of the officers and men of the submarine branch of the Royal Navy who have given their lives both in peace and war"

Last line in lower case, can't now read it. I was being hustled along so no time to write it down at the time. Sorry.
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Super photo, Seaweed.

To the Glory of God and in memory of the officers and men of the Submarine branch of the Royal Navy who have given their lives both in peace and war.

The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.


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There's a replica in the submarine school as well, Every year the weekend before the main cenotaph rememberance parade, submariners have their parade on the Embankment where the Submariners memorial is.

On the Saturday before a wreath is always laid in cloisters below the statue, I've attended a few times when I was in, we used to take a party of trainee submariners from Raleigh with us, their first rig run!!

Polto will remember them well ^_~


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On a similar note, Dorset Branch of the Submariners Association will lay a wreath at the Sidon Memorial on Portland on Saturday in memory of those that lost their lives in the accident in 1955.


HMS Sidon history here Dorset Submariners - HMS Sidon


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Janner its a good job I was at the SOCA meeting when the planning permission application for the Sidon Memorial was shown around, an error was on the application, it was written in CM and not metres almost had a Memorial pebble.
The end result was a good location at the top of Portland, and a good weekend when first first put on display.
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