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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by matt443, Jul 15, 2009.

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  1. I wonderd how long on average submariners spent at sea at one time. Whats the longest time you could expect to be at sea?
  2. Oh, I would say around 18 months is average, but you do get some longer periods.
  3. 'kinell,longest I did was 10 weeks.But then we didn't get to go ashore.

    Not that we'd 'ave wanted to.Can't stand borsht.

    6 years and no jolly's.'swhy I PVR'd.

    Returned me tropical rig never even tried it on.

    Just as well I got a sense of humour really.

    You know,"Shouldn't have joined if you can't take a joke".

  4. A deployment (not bombers) can be up to 9 months but you may get 5th watch. Time dived is generally 3 months (max)(ish) at a time depending on what the boat is doing.
  5. WreckerL so your saying is possible to do 9months straight underwater?
  6. No, read the post. You can DEPLOY for up to 9 months but the longest you will normally be DIVED is 3 months in one stretch. There'll be jollies and watch changes between (plus storing scran) dived periods.
  7. The boat could the people cannot - scran !! Traditional SSN max endurance is 90 days (SSBN can store for longer). These days however the later T boats can generally only store for about 75 days, although you've always got the option of "false decking" or even cannibalism :lol:
  8. Oh, I doubt if you'd still be straight after 9 months underwater.
  9. I went twice around the world and once half way round,why didnt you swop to skimmers before you pvr`d
  10. Nearly boke my neck 'cos of false decking. Swbd was false decked and the cookie boys took some tins out of the box and put the box back with the top in place, Muggins goes down the switchboard and put my foot in through the box, went ar*e over t1t and headbutted a breaker. I was most miffed, the rest of the watch found it funny though :(
  11. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    I think I might have had a wee giggle,,, :lol:
  12. Bulk standard sneakies on S boats was eight weeks. At the end of that you were screaming for your relief to come up on the broadcast. The relief was usually a Yank and he was ALWAYS going to be late and surprise, surprise, surprise you'd been extended for another two weeks. But secretly, you'd metally prepared for the extension because of sods law and all that.

    Then at the edge of the box you wind gozomy revs on and warp factor six it back to Guzz. All the while hoping that the contingency boat had got their act together and you wouldn't be required to a little something else on the way down South!

    Into Guzz after about eleven weeks give or take...destore, restore and go and do it all again. The days just flew did my was fun though! Rose tinted specs time!

  13. I didn't mind the sneakies "back in the day". As you say "rose tinted glasses", I was single, all my dosh was just beer tokens and it was all a bit of giggle. It's all got a bit serious now, the messdeck OD's are frowned on, no pirate rig at sea etc. OMG I'm turning into a SOCA candidate 8O
  15. Them were the days - operations with a great big "O": loved every second of them (well mostly). Met 2 NOs in London at the MoD who were classifying patrol reports, and one said "You seem to know a lot about something you should know nothing about as a MoD employee". It gave me the greatest satisfaction to say " "I wasn't in 1976 when I was on the *******, sunshine, sometime before you passed your Part 3, so FRO. " Our retired 2 1/2 reviewer kept me in ale for a week. He hated the snots as well. Pity few if any of the tales will ever see the light of day - the stuff of legends there.
  16. Seljuk..probably would do it again, bring back the old reel clickety clicks and bin DVD's, much more fun rewinding reels and mixing them up before passing them on to the wardroom.

    Isadirty..similar thing happened to me when I was teaching ships systems to some Pt 3 junior officers. I mentioned a patrol in the late 70' that he stated was "classified" and demanded to know how I knew about reply "'cos I was on it cnut"..end of protest
  17. A sort of SM Tom Cruise meets Kelly Mcgillis moment then? :glasses1: :)
  18. He never said another word the whole course, and Kelly McGillis would get it :twisted:

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