Submariners in Afghanistan?

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Polycell, Jun 17, 2009.

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  1. Any one else see the Master Chef welcome home banquet for the service personnel from the Afghanistan conflict?
    Why were there submariners in amongst them? ie where were the submarines in Afghanistan?
    AND what about the WRNS sorry not Wrens anymore!! in their uniform! Gawd what a mess I think a Jenny in Jacks uniform ie collar silk and lanyard looks naff especially against the smart turn out of the other two Services. Come on Second Sea Lord get yer 'arris in to gear and sort the uniforms out so matelotes and mateloesses look the part instead of a bloody scranbag!!
  2. Re: Submariners in Afghanastan?

    Did you not think the sundogders maybe out there being put to other uses like other Matelots out there being used as drivers etc?
  3. Re: Submariners in Afghanastan?

    Er good point but in Afghanistan 8O :D
  4. Re: Submariners in Afghanastan?

    A mate is a CWEA(SM) currently out there doing maintenance and other stuff. He's gone as a maintainer, not as a submariner. Others have volunteered as drivers and maintainers. Not even the taliban would believe an overland submarine attack as credible (standfast TLAM strikes)
  5. Re: Submariners in Afghanastan?

    The dinner was not just for those returning from Afghanistan as indicated by the high amount of people attending without Herrick medals. As Afghanistan is the biggest operation taking place at present with the most media coverage, people are fairly quick to jump to conclusion and associate any event like this with it. The dinner was for service personnel who have made an outstanding contribution on operations, this can obviously include a submarine patrol or any other operational deployment.

    Good program anyway, but WTF was going on with that mincer in the cravat and Raybans??
  6. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Re: Submariners in Afghanastan?

    Link? :?

    And why did MOD send a Master Chef to Ghanners? Was it a secret SF Operation to poison Terry Taliban into submission, perhaps?

    "Oh no, stop it! Not more brussel sprouts - we surrender!!" :twisted:
  7. Re: Submariners in Afghanastan?

    I didn't think much of the gash scran they were serving up either.

    Personally my menu would've looked like this:

    A light starter of Le Fromagey Jambony Ouefy.

    Followed by a delice of babies heads, chipped potatoes and oven baked beans in a tomato jus.

    Rounded off with an individually wrapped portion of Mars chocolat, filled with delicate nougat and caramel, ethically sourced from the Naafi.
  8. Re: Submariners in Afghanastan?

    I have no idea thats why I asked the question!! Plus it wasn't made clear that it was a banquet for all conflicts it just said a welcome home banquet for those serving in Aghanistan.
    Still the issue with the krap 'splits' uniform yukkk
  9. There submariners out there. For reason they had there dolphins stiched on there rig as well. Which baffled me compleatly i mean they dont wear it on 4s so why on CS95s?
  10. There are submarines out where?
  11. Hmmm this must be their Sqdn HQ or messhall not sure which, but hey it's a boat in the desert.... :D

    [​IMG] And it's Yellow...go figure.... :lol:

    Or this puppy....

  12. With you there Poly,don't know what the senior ladies of the service were thinking about to let this S/Rs and Officeresses wear peaked caps ??. would not have happened in Rosa Klebbs day.

  13. Should be more of a welcome for those on the ground in the 'ghan i agree, however quite a few submariners have the afghan medal for patrols in area and in support of etc..
  14. In a
  15. There has been a steady stream of submariner SA's on both TELIC and HERRICK. There have also been several stokers who have been trained to perform the role of vehicle recovery mechanic, most with 3 Cdo Bde I believe. There have also been a few others (including an OA and an ME 2½).
  16. I tell ya what... I now live in shared housing with an ex submariner and hear soooo much about it!
    The guy was in for 23 years on a sh*t hot pension and a good bloke too.
    If you want to know any of the proper answers to anything just give me a shout and I will ask him.
  17. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    ...and his experience of life as a Submariner in Ghanners - the topic of conversation, in case you had forgotten - is what?! :shock: :roll:
  18. I was drunk last night SPB..
    But still, I do live with a guy who served, lol! Hes always telling me about his service and the associations meetings and all that so just thought I will let my steam off on here about it.
  19. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Whats the blokes name, some of us might know him. What boats did he serve on?

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