Submariners Home Leave.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by GREENX1X, Feb 20, 2014.

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  1. Could anybody tell me why Submariners get so much home leave please, been nosey I suppose, but a Royal Navy Submariner who lives in our street is home more than he is in the Navy, he has been a Submariner for about 3 years and has only done one trip...his he a real Submariner or his he kidding us? :eek:ccasion5:
  2. Probably a bomber queen.
  3. Defo a bomber queen!

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  4. Bomber queen ? I was under the impression that submariners are run ragged but im still a civ div so i may be wrong

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  5. Bombers (Trident boats) have 2 crews who rotate on patrols so don't do much sea time, SSN's (hunter killers) get run ragged.
  6. Poor wee lambs. Nav Queens rule.
  7. Saddly the hunter killers are my only interest, if i get the choice i would rather be on the ssn's if the navy has other plans ill just have to man up

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  8. HOME LEAVE???????

    WTF is that????

    dont get much of that in sunshine squadron
  9. Why so much home leave ? Why ??????? :eek:mfg::eek:mfg::eek:mfg::eek:mfg:
    To help rescue flooded civilians stranded in their wheelchairs atop of the last piece of home soil available south of the Thames.
    Must be a job winding a sub around all those condoes and MP's second homes.
  10. Yeah! I Don't like this Stinking Government either, appreciate your reply, but sorry didn't answer my Question!
  11. Post #5................
  12. This one time, I went on leave from a submarine and I spent all my money in the public houses in my home town and got very drunk every night.
    So I thought bollocks to this - I can do the same thing in either Helensburgh, Gosport or Plymouth, so I never went on leave again.


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