Submariners Home Leave.

Could anybody tell me why Submariners get so much home leave please, been nosey I suppose, but a Royal Navy Submariner who lives in our street is home more than he is in the Navy, he has been a Submariner for about 3 years and has only done one trip...his he a real Submariner or his he kidding us? :eek:ccasion5:
Bomber queen ? I was under the impression that submariners are run ragged but im still a civ div so i may be wrong

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Saddly the hunter killers are my only interest, if i get the choice i would rather be on the ssn's if the navy has other plans ill just have to man up

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Why so much home leave ? Why ??????? :eek:mfg::eek:mfg::eek:mfg::eek:mfg:
To help rescue flooded civilians stranded in their wheelchairs atop of the last piece of home soil available south of the Thames.
Must be a job winding a sub around all those condoes and MP's second homes.
This one time, I went on leave from a submarine and I spent all my money in the public houses in my home town and got very drunk every night.
So I thought bollocks to this - I can do the same thing in either Helensburgh, Gosport or Plymouth, so I never went on leave again.

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