submariners help!


i'm joining the navy as a submariner and i was just wondering whether the sub stays in the sea or does it visit foreign ports? and if so how many times?


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Yes they do go foreign. Depends on the class of boat and it's programme, bombers (Trident boats) rarely visit anywhere.

As for the first part of your question, unless it's in drydock, I think you'll find they stay in the sea all the time ;)


Thank you for replying. Can we choose the class we would rather do? The class I would like to do is an Astute class and if I can I was wondering when they do go to foreign ports do we stay in the sub? Or can we venture around?


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You can ask for a particular class but it's service requirements where you go. Once qualified as a submariner you can be drafted to either SSN or SSBN unless you're an ET(WE) and go strategic weapons which means your stuck on Tridents (Vanguard class).

When on a foreign jolly the ships company move ashore into hotels and you only need go back on board the boat if you're duty or required for work, otherwise your times your own to do as you please.

The reason why we don't live onboard the boat when alongside (unless your duty) will become obvious when you get on to a boat. If in home port you live in barracks or ashore if you own/rent your own home within a certain radius. I think it's 50 miles but don't quote me on that.


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I'll be joining as an ME, thank you for all the help. Very much appreciated :)
In which case, you'll get a preference sheet with the boats available in between Week 20-25 of Phase 2. I'd just try and enjoy phase 1 first however... :confused:
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