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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by sweepdeckcommando, Jul 14, 2008.

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  1. Been wondering about this for a long time ,can any of you soap dodgers out there tell me why you get extra money for just going under water in a tin can and loving each other??
    Dont get me wrong i like the odd cuddle from a badgeman on those long nights at sea but the stories ive heard about what you lot get up to beggers belief.
    Anyway back to the original question,why do you get paid all that money?
  2. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Sour grapes perhaps, Muppet? Seems you hate Divers, Submariners and Photographers. Wassup? The Coxswain made you duty weekend for the "Meet The Navy" open days?! 8O :roll:
  3. Duty weekend??
    Worse than that mate,POTWASH

    PS I also hate sgts :toilet:
  4. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Hmmmmmmm,,,,strange subjects, Date raped, Help and two others about money. :crazy:

    If you need help the first port of call is your DO or a Doctor. You could always contact the NPFS or the chaplain. :glomp:
  5. I think they get the extra money as there arnt many people who want to do it???????
  6. I have also been told it is due to the confinement and also there is Nuclear Pay included in it.
  7. Bollocks, its retention pay.

    Before all the old and bolds come out and say it is knowledge pay and such like, it was 're-branded' very quietly under the pay 2000 rules. Thats why if you submit your notice you lose half of it.

    The £150 a month extra is to keep the gap between us and the skimmer twats, just because we work harder and are more professional.
  8. The £150 a month extra is to keep the gap between us and the skimmer twats, just because we work harder and are more professional.
    Thats funny because most of the submariner's I've ever met work less and are so unprofessional it beggers belief. However like you say its a form of retention pay has being a submariner is so good and rewarding they have to entice you into the service with more pay. That'll be why your so overbourne with willing volunteer's!
  9. Yeah cheers dits.
  10. That is exactly what it is, although I am sure it is worded slightly different in the official paperwork :thumright:

    Maybe some of the LOGS(P) staff who post could provide the correct terminology.
  11. It's Submarine pay. Like wot Divers get or Flight Crew get. It's for being in the Submarine Service. SSP SM.
    Why is there no General Service pay.......'cos you're NOT special. Anybody can be a Skimmer!
    As much as we used to love you...and probably still are only special in your mums eyes!

  12. I always thought it was to compensate the scaleys for not having any foreign runs ashore.

  13. I take it the ones you associate with as in "I've ever met" were actually sailors and not a figment of your overworked imagination, it is okay to come out from behind your desk on occasion son... :thumright:
  14. They have to pay sun dodgers extra money to make up for what the wives spend when the boats are away with no contact!

  15. Judging by the total cr*p you have just posted you don't have ANY experience whatsoever of life in boats (hopefully you get drafted to us if you're still serving) and are obviously writing from a position of total ignorance and/or jealousy. To describe anyone as 'un-professional' in relation to the submarine service is quite simply breathtaking. If you are prepared to give examples I am sure we can discuss them. For a qualified submariner to be described as such doesn't really ring true (mind you, you wouldn't know) as those of us who serve know, anyone who doesn't cut the mustard whilst undertaking part 3 or SMQ is soon out of it and back to Gens, if someone slips through that particular net, work-up and in particular the safety/ops-safety phases will certainly discover who is not up to scratch professionally, wether in DC/FF, S/M knowledge or within their own department, and thats from the CO down to the lowliest of the low, its how we operate, everyone on the boat comes under the microscope at some stage. Take your rubbish somewhere else my uneducated friend. BTW spent many years in general service and enjoyed it, get your dolphins and then feel free to gob off.
  16. Seeing the difference between the parts of warship filmed on Illustrious and the parts filmed on Trafalgar i would tend to agree that the sun dodgers certainly came across as being more proffessionally than the skimmers. At the very least they knew how to behave in front of the camera.
  17. I note that one of the replies here mentioned something about Nuclear Pay. Nuclear pay is completely seperate from SM pay and is paid to those watchkeepers of specific categories that watchkeep and work on the nuclear plant and associated propulsion and electrical generation equipment. The categories that are payable are A, B and C - A being the most highly paid. I believe pay scales may be found elsewhere in the public domain so I have no intention of posting them here.

    For people who find it unbelievable and disgraceful that some other people get extra pay for this and that, IMO they need to consider how they look at things. If you are not getting the said pay then you are NOT dipping out - you just aren't dipping in. And if you want/need the money that much then do something about it the job!! Jealousy and envy won't get you anywhere except make you more bitter than you already are.
  18. That was me who commented about Nuclear pay. I must have got my lines crossed. Sorry about that.

    Cheers for the info! :afro:
  19. Its so we can throw it at skimmer when on jollys because we cant spend it all
  20. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Nearly about £7400 a year, which is taxed. Funny how its taxed yet you won't see the contributions in your pension. :roll:

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