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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Geoff_Wessex, May 6, 2006.

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  1. I saw a post on another thread which made me reminisce about some of the 'accommodation' my oppos and I found ashore, on subsistence...... Everything from the Caleta Palace to a Nissen Hut...... I only had two years on a P boat, so my list is short, but there must be some great dits about various 'hotels' you've found ashore...... (over)
  2. Best Hotel whilst on subsistance was in Bankok on Andrew in the 60's.Can't remember the name but it was near the station,never left the hotel for 5 days,everything was on tap,Girls ,booze,food just signed the chits in the usual manner LP Blower, FW Woolworth,etc and MOD paid for it.
    Great times
  3. Has to be The Ramada in Dubai whilst out there to repair a broken grey funnel liner in the 1st Gulf war. There were no limits to spending then and some Lt Col. from the embassy turned up to pay my bill which once converted came to some £18,000 for 15 nights(Included chauffer driven motor - didn't dare drive there didn't seem to be any rules !?).

    As there was also a team from FMG in the same hotel I dread to think what their combined bill was.

    I just know that shortly after a DCI came out introducing new regs for people staying in hotels in the Middle East
  4. Was it either the "NaNa" or the "Rajah" hotels? Thats the ones that SM7 got booked into when the "P" & "O" s were out there in the late sixties/early seventies. Sounds like the same routine!!!!
  5. I have fond memories of the Marmont Hotel in Olongapo. The place was a crumbling wreck and my room air conditioner caught fire one night, and you risked electrocution from bare wires while having a shower, but the beer was cold, the company excellent and the government was paying me to stay there. Can't complain.
  6. The best digs when on subsistance in some obscure corner of the planet whilst aboard one of HM's Boats was your own bunk if you had not trapped.

    You pissed your subsistance up the wall and crept back on board at about 2 am got your head down and remained their until both watches. More drink less living expense.

  7. The holiday inn in Phuket Thailand was cracking when i was on Trenchant and the Hotel we stayed in in Kenya was also great when i was on the Raglafart.
  8. Maybe the modern way is they put you in a hotel and pay the bill. Many years ago they were more trusting and gave you cash in the local style "ackers"

  9. On my last run to Pearl Harbour in 94 we were given $US 100 per day for food and laundry, accommodation was paid for. That worked out at about $ 20 on hamburgers and $ 80 on beer, before even touching ones pay.

    It was a shock on my first overseas trip after paying off that I had to pay for everything myself!
  10. I came back from Halifax, Canada late last year with a boat and have to say, I had the best jolly ever. Lots of pissing up. Lots of cheap beer. Locals that didnt try and fight you at the drop of a hat. A tip top hotel, no duties, no skimmers and last but not least, 5th watch. :D
  11. Bergan was good bonoedge the locals were nice people.
  12. I didn't seem to get on with the locals in Bergen Bill. Too many Liverpool supporters.
  13. Best was B & B digs in Hull, on subsistance, in the 70's with a landlady who looked like Marty Feldman !
  14. Best: Caleta Palace
    Worst: Aurora, Chatham

  15. The Caleta Palace in Gibraltar! They could have their own
    forum on here!

    I remember once seeing a completely bladdered RS(SM)
    stagger up to the night receptionist drippin' like a septic c*ck.

    "I want a room change skin.....people keep comin' in and
    wakin' me up - and the fu**ing doors don't stay shut!"

    The night porter looked at him and said (in his best
    Moroccan/Gibraltarian/English accent).

    "Sir....this is because you are trying to get your infidel
    head down in the lift!"

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
    Happy days...

  16. The first time i ever tasted caviar was at the caleta palace. On pussers tab of course!

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