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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by brucey21, Jul 11, 2008.

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  1. Had my interview Wednesday and got selected :)

    The AFCO was talking to me about wether i wanted to go "the sub route" or not!!!

    He has told me he can put me on a 3 day course up in scotland to see what its like. Has anyone been on this and can give me a little insight into what i might be doing up there???

    Cheers :thumright:
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Your Careers Adviser was possibly referring to the Royal Navy Acquaint Course (RNAC)

    Course detail below:


    Day 1 1400 -1600 All candidates to arrive between 1400 and 1600 at INVERKEITHING RAILWAY STATION. ID cards issued by Main Gate staff. Change into issued kit to confirm sizes correct.
    1715 Drill instruction (introduction to marching)
    1800 Evening meal
    19-1930 Opportunity to Phone home
    1930 Course welcome & Introduction
    2030 Self Introductions and Ice Breaking Games
    2230 Pipe Down (lights Out)

    Day 2 0630 Call the hands (Morning Alarm Call)
    0700 Breakfast
    0745 Drill Training
    0800 Rounds of accommodation
    0830 Kit preparation lecture and demonstration
    1000 PJFT run followed by the PT B.

    Note: the PJFT is performed on the road as at HMS Raleigh, NOT a treadmill. A PJFT pass at the RNAC will be fed back to the AFCO and will count as a full pass. However, not achieving a pass at the RNAC will not count against you.

    1200 Lunch
    1300 Team Building Exercises
    1530 Life in the RN brief
    1700 Discussion session with RNAC staff
    1810 Evening meal.
    1920 Depart for the gym
    1930 Conduct Military Swim Test followed by free swim.
    2100 Opportunity to phone home
    2130 Team Quiz
    2230 Pipe Down

    Day 3
    0630 Call the hands
    0700 Breakfast
    0745 Pay, Promotion, Leave and Travel lecture
    0800 Rounds of Accommodation
    0900 Weapon Handling brief
    1000 Branch of Preference lecture
    1130 Bus depart for Faslane
    1330 Arrive Faslane Sports & Recreation Centre
    1400 Circuit training and games in HMS NEPTUNE gym
    1600 Visit the NAAFI shop
    1630 Discussion with Faslane Chaplains
    1720 Evening meal
    1750 Split into 2 groups, board the bus for the 2 stances
    1800 First Station: Ship visit/Small Arms Trainer visit
    1930 Second Station: Small Arms Trainer visit/Ship visit
    2100 Board buses for return trip to Rosyth.
    2245 Arrive Rosyth.
    2330 Pipe down

    Day 4 0630 Call the hands.
    0700 Breakfast
    0730 Clean up for rounds
    0815 Formal OIC‘s rounds
    0830-0915 Polish boots and return all kit.
    0915 Issue Certificates and feedback proformas. Wash-up with the Instructing staff
    0940 Course wash-up with OIC
    0955 Course members transported to Inverkeithing station, Edinburgh Airport or depart independently.
  3. That's good news about the PJFT pass.
  4. i just come back from the RNAC yesterday afternoon, i would recommend it to anyone wanting to join! i had a really good time, you get to do loads of stuff and gives you an insight into how it would be like, and doing the circuits and fitness test! you also get to talk the the PO's, CHEIF's and AB's about life in the rn and things its very good! i met some really good mates aswell! it has made me more excited about going to raleigh

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