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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by rickeee, Mar 15, 2009.

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  1. Congratulations to Nutty and his band of stalwarts out there in Espana who have formed a new Branch ESPANA LEVANTE, good luck for the future. :D
  2. Thank you kind sir, we are still looking for new members so if any of you know of Submariners in Spain let us know.

  3. BZ.
    Todays quiz is:

    "Spot the Trot?"

    (Put an *X* where you think the loafing little bugger is)


    (I think its the middle boat, front row - in his enormous hut)
  4. Its taken about 1967/68 as the Pennant numbers have been painted out but most boats have the aluminium 187 domes which were soon to be replaced by the GRP Model.

  5. Nice photo innit? If you're not aware of:-

    I recommend registering and browsing their Royal Navy Section of images,
    from which I borrowed this. There are quite a few other boat pics knocking
    about the 4,000+ images available. (Sorry if I infringed any copyright stuff).

  6. He is probably half way down the accommodation hatch...keeping warm and having a crafty can of "Tartan"...or "Long life" LOL.. :twisted: We couldnt do that on Valiant class, as pighouse was at bottom of the hatch...I still hate "Grunters" even now.. :x :evil:
  7. Where do u meet, coming over tomorrow on golf trip but would enjoy a tot time if poss!
  8. First Meet in Benidorm on 4th April 2009. Depends where in Spain you are playing we cover Costa Blanca and Costa Calida but will take submariners from any where in Spain to help get organised.


  10. Phone Baz Charlton ex TASI on 0034 966877605 he lives in Benidorm and is a bit of a social animal. I am two hours drive south so will not get up there then.

  12. Hi Nutty, I think it's later than that because the middle boat has one of the newer flagpoles. The wooden ones were still in use then and then they replaced them with the bronzish coloured ones then eventually those white ones that is on the middle boat.
  13. Guess it would be circa 1970, note the delapidated A boat inboard Trot 3, no later than july 71 when the late Artemis met with a watery grave.
  14. Seems like a great place to form an association. Spain will not know what has hit her. Do you remember the cans of yellow peril we used to drink in the 70s.
    I like this site and the Reso Association site is fun as well.

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