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Hi all,
Have just loged in and had a look, all very good even for the skimmers.
Just a thought to those that might be interested about the submariners association. If you are interested the association has a web site with an on line application form.
I run my Branches web site ( just being re-constructed at the moment) and this has various links to other sites.
It is if anybody is from the west riding area you could PM me about anything.

:lol: :lol: :lol:
Rea1 said:
He's off to sunny spain again, no internet connection where he is going!

If you can find out his passport number and when he plans on returning I will have a word with immigration. With a little effort you could sell the house and pocket the cash in his absense before he spends all your inheritance.


Lantern Swinger
My mate (yes I do have some) has moved to near Murcia and has internet connection. Seems a lot of ex submariners are heading that way

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