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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Nutty, Feb 11, 2009.

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  1. 8) Gentlemen

    If we are currently seeking permission to open a branch of the Submariners Association in Spain and are seeking new members to join our group. Our current group is based on the Costa Bianca and Costa Calida, basically between Denia in the north and Vera in the south, but we are willing to accept members who either reside anywhere in Spain or spend a long period out here.

    We hold two LWE meetings at the beginning of April and the beginning of November each year in Benidorm as it is central and has a vast amount of year round accommodation. Local meetings are also carried out by members who live near each other on an ad-hoc basis. As overseas members the cost will be £2 GBP to Central funds as overseas members. If you currently belong to the SA then it will be nothing to Central funds and a token amount to the branch as we do not intend to carry much in the way of funds. This amount will have to be decided by the next meeting we are holding on 4th April 2009 in Benidorm. Anyone wish to attend please contact me on thee e-mail to follow.

    If any reader wishes to join please PM me. If you know of any ex-submariners in Spain who may wish to join then ask them to contact me on [email protected] . It sufficient people from any area wish to start their own branch and get the go ahead from the Submariners Association then they will of course be able to just transfer across to the new branch. Please see this as an attempt to start up the SA in Spain and not an Empire building exercises.

    Bob Head 8)
  2. BZ Nutty! I'll get in touch tomorrow if I remember, as I've already had my cocoa! Nite nite and say Hi to the Bear!!
  3. What about a branch in France?
  4. A votre bon sante, Msieu Le President !!!
  5. And LaaaaaaPooooooooooleeeeeeeeeee Cellllllllllllllllllllll you are just the person to start it. Ah! sorry, no you would not spend €2 on subs to Central funds of the SA.

  6. Arrr your alive then JB?
  7. Just about - trying to drink my way through the 5 grand Herr Indoors won on the internet bingo a fortnight ago - at £1.30 per 2 litre bottle, it might take some time. More cider, JB ? :D :D
  8. Make it so JB Make it so!!

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