Submariners' Association - Annual Memorial Service - November 3rd 2013


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2013 Embankment Parade

3rd November 2013

Annual Memorial Service 2013

This years Remembrance Parade will take place on the Embankment in London on the 3rd of November and the venue will be as in the past HMS President.
Platoons are to fall in on the roadway opposite President at 09:55.
Those branches who have ordered wreaths can pick them up from the end of the gangway prior to falling in.
The service commences at the memorial at 10:30 and on completion RASM will take the salute on the return march to President.
For those who have guests please ensure that they are at the memorial prior to the platoons arrive at the memorial.

For those who have time please visit the Field of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey to look at the plot for the Submariners association which is on the left near the visitors centre.

John Wood Esq
Vice Chairman
Submariners Association



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Gutted I can't be there,however my first year as poppy appeal organiser for our area comes first.....

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Very well attended, especially by the serving contingents who outnumbered the S/M Vets by far - I'd guess it gives 'em a rare run ashore in the Smoke.

The SA's new Padre, Rev. Paul Jupp ex-S/M WEA, then SD S/M WEO, conducted a grand service in the bright sunshine & a stiff westerly chilling breeze.

As the Parade marched/bimbled off from the Memorial to the strains of the RM Band a trio from Cornwall approached separately to lay an additional wreath; two Army and one RAF Officer. The latter was wearing a set of Dolphins and, when interrogated, he explained that he'd earned them as an RN Log O before transferring to the Crabs. No problem side-stepping at that level, the Logs SM shortage is obviously much further down their food chain.

Having castigated him for his youthful foolishness I felt duty bound to reward them all for venturing forth from pixie-land with a slug 'o Pussers Rum from my hip flask before limping away to re-join my own group.

We then spent a pleasant couple of hours at the Uxbridge RNA on the way back south but saw no sign of RR's Black Rat. (Absent for a Re-Qual on vital cellar duties perhaps?)

Oh, BTW - There was also one female girl lady woman out on this Submariner's Association Parade :shock: !!

She explained to me afterwards that she was a regular RNA Standard Bearer and had turned out with her Dad who was with her as his own SA Branch's Standard Bearer. Told her to bring her sister along next year, too! Before I could inquire further her Pa told me to put her down and dragged her away - But not before I'd also rewarded her with a slug of pusser's rum. (Damned good job this c/s had a pair of Hip Flasks about his person - Foolhardy not to on such occasions!)

So BZ to the Organisers and all the others who attended.

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