Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by dicksy, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. is anyone else starting raleigh on 24th july ? i am starting as a weapons engineer
    dont really know what to expect
  2. Lots of shouting and a shiny uniform
  3. And horror stories of a once-recruit known only as chico.
  4. Im training to be a submariner, any advice on that?
  5. Get a good sense of humour and a thick skin (soap optional)
  6. thank u haha
  7. are there any submariners or former submariners on this site, that maybe could give me some insight?
  8. I take it my avatar hasn't given you a clue
  9. ok so are you currently still serving as a submariner? And also can you tell me how long after basic training before you start sub training, and what the first week of sub training is like? all advice appreciated
  10. Isnt it all in the factsheet the navy give for submariner jobs? Anyhow, I'm sure someone can bless you with their knowledge :)

    I think the time between finishing basic training and starting the next phase depends on how long it takes to put together enough people for the intake
  11. thanks , i was just wanting to speak with someone who has done a bit
  12. Just dont ask polycell for advice. He'll just moan and grumble about how its all changed :p

  13. Breathe out all the way up.
  14. Only if your face is wet. If it's dry, breathe normally.
  15. test

    How hard r the swim tests .getting worried I am quite a strong swimmer but worried
  16. Not that hard, skimmers and woo's manage it. Submariners only swim upwards and that's done with an escape suit on. It's called floating with style.
  17. Sexual favours to pass your interview? You should already know all the answers to the questions you asked. ;)
  18. ........................
  19. Sweating buckets.

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