Hi just starting out with my Navy application and wanted to see if anyone can give an insight to working on a submarine, what i have read is interesting and has got my attention. However always figured best to do a little research and what better way to get it from the horses mouth so to speak.



Lantern Swinger
You might need to be a little more specific regarding the sort of info you're looking for...what more do you need that you haven't already found on the RN website, these fora or google?
Submarines go underwater and when they're dived: you can't see out, or get much of a signal on a mobile phone, probably wasn't what you wanted to hear.
They're a great education and the submarine training builds self-confidence, self-reliance and a sense of personal pride that is hard to match, plus you become a member of an elite club; well, that doesn't tell you much either.
Still, if it sparks your interest....


The day to day living to be honest, i assume it is pretty isolated 130 odd blokes stuck in a tin can for months, What i really want to know is there much difference being on a sub than being on a ship apart from being underwater and going outside is not something that is encouraged unless your parents were dolphins!!
:grin: You won't know until you have tried it but I imagine once you have tried it you will love it and that will be your Navy. My own experience of 'deeps' or 'pressure heads' is seeing them pop out from their tin cans, surrounded by a green haze and reaking of deisel, they had oily skins due to the diesel and lack of sun light but they loved the life. They also got involved with a lot of 'sneakie beaky' stuff with the Soviets. Boats are hard to detect so thats good, all we ever saw of them was when a green grenade popped out of the ogin or they sped along underneath us playing 'from Russia with love' over the underwater telephone. All very exciting stuff but not for me, I loved being a skimmer. Good luck. :lol:
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