Submariner, want a job in Oz

It seems both the mining industry and the RAN are desperate for Submariners in Westerm Australia see articel sent to me.

Booming mines lure Australian sailors off subs: report

Sun Mar 9, 11:57 PM

SYDNEY (AFP) - Only half of Australia's submarines could be sent to war, partly because well-paid jobs in the booming mining industry have led to a critical shortage of sailors, a report said Monday.

The navy has just three full crews for its six Collins-class submarines, which need about 45 personnel each, The Australian newspaper said.

Defence Minister Joel Fitzgibbon later acknowledged a shortage of submariners, although he refused to give a figure, and blamed mining companies for poaching skilled navy technicians.

The navy could never compete with the pay offered by the big mining companies riding a wave of demand for Australia's vast natural resources from energy-hungry Asian countries such as China and India, he said.

"The navy just happens to share many of the same skills bases as the mining industry and of course the mining industry is booming," Fitzgibbon told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

"We know that the mining companies in (Western Australia) hover around HMAS Stirling (naval base) on payday seeking and hoping to pick up technicians to use in their own industry, with some success.

"And it is a real problem for the navy in particular."

Fitzgibbon said the government was stepping up recruitment efforts and hoped the shortages would be covered by the end of the year.

Opposition Liberal Party leader Brendan Nelson told reporters he understood why even relatively high salaries of 80,000 dollars (75,000 US dollars) a year failed to lure submariners.

"If you're an engineer on a sub and you're pulling 80,000 a year (and) you've got somebody at the gate of the base offering 130,000 to drive a truck, I mean seriously what are you going to do?"

Submariners should be offered more money and more flexible working conditions so they had a better family life, said Nelson -- who was defence minister in the government ousted in elections last November.

Fitzgibbon blamed Nelson's government for failing to invest more heavily and a lot earlier in recruitment and retention measures.


So even if you do not fancy the mines they have three boats that need crews.

I'd go tomorrow if they'd take a 51 year old cynic. I may just be able to handle all that sun, sea sand and.........minimal sea time.
Do they really have other people to maintain the boats and do the duties alongside the wall! Bliss!
Where would I stand on the Official Secrets Act. I'm sure that what I've got in my head is still extant to some degree!
Keep those 'Cookie Cutter' sharks away though...nasty bloody things they are!. A Watcher dome is very similar to a bald head! o_O
Just had an e mail from an old navy mate in Oz. He transfered down under many moons ago to their mob. Anyway he says that the boats are limited in diving depth to about a couple hundred feet.

But we don't care do we...he also says that alongside the wall they have 'only' four people as duty watch and they monitor systems from the jetty.

So....if we want one then let's go and steal one!
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