Submariner vs Surface for wife


Hi All.

Hoping somebody with a bit of experience can give me some advice on the submariner life.
My wife is currently going through the processes and expected in the UK for the final testing and what not shortly. She was told to give some thought on whether she would want to do surface or submariner service.
Personally, I could think of nothing worse than being under the sea in a metal tube like some vampitric creature, but each to their own. In true-to-form marriage compromise, my wife got her way and wants to be a submariner. Marriage is fun like that, I remember when I used to have an opinion ;)

I have no safety concern with that option over the alternative, but I do worry about the mental conditions of a female crew member in a submarine. Please, I am in no was insinuating unequal treatment at all, im fairly confident all will be just and equal. But after a bit of research, it would seem, at least in the older posts, that submarines were a bit of a boys club. It must be difficult enough being in that way of life, without being able to fit in as well as you could. She is as loud mouthed and dirty humoured as any sailor, so that's not a problem. But would like to hear from maybe some current submariner females serving in a historically male environment and if it holds any added difficulties for consideration.

The additional pay means nothing to us, and doesn't factor into the decision. She doesn't need to work, financially, but is more a passion than a need.

Thanks a ton.


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Hi Sharky,

Although not a female and can't speak on their behalf but I am a submariner.

There are a lot more females joining boats and if what you say about her personality humour she'll have no problem.

Work life balance differs throughout the year depending on branches. If she decides she wants to be on a bomber she'll undoubtedly be on deployment for three months of the year. Also prior to leaving during the boat maintenance period which usually means the ships company will be required to work longer hours while we ramp up to leave. With them negatives comes a positive and when she returns she'll get her two weeks patrol weekend and she'll normally be able to put leave in throughout the year, working hours tend to reduce (which would be good if you lived nearby?)

I don't know if that answers your questions but feel free to PM me if you need anything answered. I'm sure more people will be happy to answer as well!


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At the moment she can only serve on bombers but the NAAFI queue buzz is the last couple of Astutes to be built will be adapted for females.

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