Submariner Training and the Submarine Escape Training Tower


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Uncle Abert you forgot the HIS ( Right cuff?) from the 100`. Only ever did the pot and "Dry" :sad2::sad2:
There was always a quickening of my breathing just as the water reached my chest and the hood misted up. ^^
Just as well they didn't use that swimming pool additive that turns water blue in reaction to Uric Acid then......

In addition to the browning it would stain that yellow suit somewhat more, eh?
But what about 'Cox'n Banks', star of the sixties SETT training filums?

Almost as well known as F Quimby to those with SETT stamps in their Paybooks in those days.

Perhaps Janner or UA might recall him??


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But what about 'Cox'n Banks', star of the sixties SETT training filums?

Almost as well known as F Quimby to those with SETT stamps in their Paybooks in those days.

Perhaps Janner or UA might recall him??
Ah! The cry at most shore base cinemas "Good old Fred, **** Fred, after you with Fred." at the end of the cartoon section.

Coxn Banks was our hero of course.


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I saw Alliance and was also dismayed at her material state but the museum had the National Lottery people inbound for a mega grant application - no sense in showing them a shiny submarine! They got it, and they are making plans for a refit this summer I think.

My last visit to the museum was memorable cos they let me on the X-craft for a looksee. I will never complain about SSBNs ever again.

On another note, I have for the past 4 weeks been down in Dolphin again, victualled in the wardroom as I was teaching on a course at Nelson.(They wouldnt have let me in in 1974 for some reason)
Nice to walk around the old place and get some photos and look at the old haunts in the area.
Not much has changed and theres still a 'submariner' presence to the place in regards to trophies and pictures etc.
All the trots are now swamped with sailing boats though.
Alliance is in a shameful state.
The George and Dragon is shut down as is the RA.
Hopefully I'll go back again later in the year for another nostalgic top up.[/QUOTE]


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Hoping to visit the museum someday. Never had the opportunity when I was down living in Exeter.
Our Submarine Museum is FANTASTIC! Thanks to all those who work hard there - some I could name, but shall not for fear of embarassing some or omitting others.

I have also visited the Sceptic's museum in Groton, New London, twice, separated by a period of about 15 years. It is a great building but has a paucity of exhibits, unlike the RNSMS.
I remember the first and only time I did a wet run. 2003 and even though I was an ex marine, I was shitting it! You had to look down from the top. But after doing the first 9m run, I loved it! Was first out of the big run. Wish I could do it again.
My memory of when I did it was one of those things that you dreaded before but wanted to do again afterwards.
If I recall, 3 blokes died in the tank within a few months after my time there.
It's certainly an experience not forgotten.


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I was bricking it the first time I did the 100ft ascent but on subsequent re-quals loved it. Never seemed the same after they went metric and called it the 30m ascent.
.........:thanks:.......... Sweet memories of that resin/french chalk (un-perfumed: Nose Clips for the use of) often returns during the infrequent occasions when one is called upon to apply liberal applications of a similar-looking foo-foo dust in a grandfatherly way.......

Oftimes I have also wished that I had kept those very same Nose Cips, too........8-O


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It was alright if you were the first group through, putting the suit on once it was wet was fecking 'orrible.


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First time I did the tank my brother was there to do a re-qual,the mists of time have clouded my memory but I wonder if any other brothers have done the SETT on the same day?


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As I remember we didn't have many 'brothers' in boats. One or two yes, but the chances of them doing the tank on the same day, long odds I'd say.

:rr: ;-P


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I know three sets of twins who serve/d in boats, and who joined up together. I wouldn't be surprised if each pair went through the tank together.

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