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Submariner, Sonar


Hi guys, I've applied for submarine service, sonar. I've been trying to get as much information about the position as I can but it's hard to come by. I'd be eternally greatful if some one could shed some light on these main points;

-Is there difficult maths involved and if so is it only when learning the theory side of things during training, or is it involved all the time?

-Is the role always mentally taxing or is it a case that it's almost automatic once you've learned the role?

-Are mistakes ever made and if so how serious are they, i.e. you call out the wrong range or don't hear a detail clearly?

If even one of these questions can be answered it would mean a great deal, thank you.
Wouldn't say s**t but I think I'd struggle to quickly do the calculus and Logarithm I've come across online. I've passed my Psychometric test fine so I suppose I'll be okay and to the level required, would just be good to know what I'm gonna end up facing.

Here's the sort of stuff I've come across-
If you are lucky and join a vessel with a computer driven sonar set, it will do all the sums for you. As for mistakes, you will trained not to make them, you will as a newbie have someone watching over you to prevent mistakes, mistakes are made if you learn from then, and nothing bad happens life goes on, if you don't learn? Submarines don't Carry passengers.
As an ex sonar maintainer we covered that type of maths but didn't need it to often.
They all survived, so making a mistake aint too bad I guess haha

Uh? We're talking about an operational unit being taken out for repairs that 'aint cheap..definitely an enquiry as to what happened and who (if anyone) fucked up,
and please don't make light about the wet stuff outside the boat trying to get inside the boat when it hasn't been invited. It's cold...there's lots of it and it will kill you.

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