submariner selection interveiw revision help.

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by kai_millie1872, Sep 9, 2010.

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  1. what I found on rum ration was that after sett, the smq (D) lasted for 10 weeks is this accurate?Is this at raleigh? Also is the smq (W) duration 10 weeks also?? If this accurate.

    I was also unable to find anything concrete as to length of time spent at sea so I found a thread on here about SSBN being at sea approx 3 months and SSN being away from home base for up to 9 months would this be accurate enough to answer during the interveiw?

    Lastly the only notes ive got so far for navel history are the yera thenavy changed from navy royal to royal navy in 1509, is this nessessary information for me to learn or does the interveiw delve into such areas?

    I really dont want to leave anything to chance and be caught cold when asked anything.

    Thanks again
  2. I think your notes on naval history could do with padding out somewhat.
  3. As far as your knowledge of Naval history should reach, I deem it far more important that you are aware of the dates of famous battles. For example, the Battle of Trafalgar (21st October 1805) and the Falklands Conflict (1982).
  4. Best get looking at sensible websites then instead of wasting your valuable time on here.
  5. What branch are you joining?

    I've never been asked about naval history in an interview, however if your still worried, major events (as above) would be a good start.
  6. Warfare specialist(SM)
  7. Any in mind the official navy site is as good as none at all
  8. And by that you mean what???Ill tell you what then you find out all about submariner training on the official site, my AFCO says I attend HMS collingwood have a look and see where it mentions this on the official site.
    Im asking for advice sarcasticness is the lowest form of wit!!
  9. The official navy site is full of useful information, you just have to be prepared to spend a bit of time and do a bit of digging around and the information you need is there. I got all the info for my interview of the royal navy website and found it contained everything i needed to know...

    *edited for sh*t spelling
  10. Have you asked the AFCO for the trade handout?
  11. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    You rang?
  12. There are 2 types of WS SM, Tactical and Sensors.

    Both trained at the Submarine School at HMS Raleigh, TSM branch training lasts 14 weeks and SSM lasts 18 weeks. Once branch qualified you'll go onto do Submarine Escape & Rescue Training at Gosport for 3 days, you'll then come back to Raleigh and do some more fire fighting and first aid training and then finish off with a week of Weapons Training to become a member of the Ships Protection Force.
    Once all thats out of the way, you'll go on to do 8 weeks of Submarine Qualification (SMQ) Dry Phase which will either be at Faslane or Devonport (depending on choice, but mostly to needs of service). After that you'll do 10 weeks Wet Phase, which is at sea. On completion of all that and atleast 41 weeks of training (as a TSM, and not incl holiday leave and passing everything first time...) you'll be awarded the Dolphins badge and Submarine Pay.
  13. Wait a fcuking minute, looking through your old posts, you've already been told all this.......... what the fcuk?!
  14. Jobs info

    1) find Submarines
    2) click show jobs
    3) click on job that interests you
    5) scroll down and click download pdf

    Hey presto it tells you what and where your training is and a load of other stuff to boot.
  15. Time for one of these I think...

  16. He's probably just reinforcing. Bundle of bloody fun after a couple of weeks at sea I bet :D
  17. Sensor, yes I have been told this before, but you have clarified a lot for me if you look at the last thread it turned into a bit of a debate on what does and doesnt still happen what you have said is morealong the lines of my afco.
  18. :happy1:
  19. I never got asked that at my interview, i just got asked questions about the job im applying for, weapon engineer submarine. Also why i want to be on a sub and why this job. I never got asked anything about history or types of ships/subs. I did do research beforehand, so kinda wanted him to ask me :( but oh well i passed :D

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