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Hi, I'm hopefully going to be joining the navy as a submariner (etme), possibly starting basic training this year sometime.

I've had a good look on the RN website regarding pay and it gives a general idea but I was hoping I could get more accuracy. First of it gives a chart of pay by rank, which for able rate is 14k to 29k. So basically my question is how and when does it go up? Is it yearly or what?

My next question is about the additional pay. It says submariners receive a daily supplement on top of normal salary of between 12 and 27 per day. Is this literally every day as in 365 days/year or 5 days/week or what? I understand the extra 15 per day at sea that seems pretty clear. When I asked in the interview I was just basically told that the pay is very good and to check the website for more accuracy on that.

Once you've qualified as a submariner and got your dolphins submarine pay is 365 days of the year (a days extra for leap years :)).

You get the pay whether you're on a boat or not, as long as you remain a submariner
The daily supplement is something you get whilst you are assigned to a unit. I am not certain if it is only for when the unit is at sea.

The components of pay for simplification are:
Basic rate - daily pay plus
Submarine pay once you have qualified (paid every day but has specific criteria with regards to particular job, notice served etc) plus
Daily supplement - whilst assigned to a unit plus
Sea pay - for when you are at sea.

All subject to tax.

The rates change at least annually, and are dependant upon circumstance, qualifications, time done on sea going units etc. I think that's it...roughly.

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