submariner pay and getting your dolphins

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by kai_millie1872, Jun 1, 2010.

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  1. I've also posted this in the submariner forum.

    Hi everyone,
    â New poster on here. I've got my medical next week to join as a SSM, jst a couple of questions I need clarified due to conflicting info,
    â 1st- is phase 2 training always complaeted within 26 weeks
    â 2nd- after entry through to completion of phase 3 training what is the usual timescale to getting your dolphins.
    â Thanks for the help in advance.
  2. 1st- Depends on how much effort you put into it. Get yer head down, do yer graft and don't dick about then there is no reason as to why you shouldn't complete it in 26 weeks.

    2nd- Again it depends. Do yer graft and don't piss about and you'll get them sooner rather than later. Play silly bugger and you'll be waiting longer.

    That's the way I understand it anyhow.
  3. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Remind us all where you got the experience to give this advice from?
  4. From 3F experience store
  5. But what if the training takes, for example, 27 weeks? How is 'not dicking about' going to make that go any faster?
  6. Whilst bowing to the reverends experience and knowledge etc etc the timescale is

    Phase 1 = 9 weeks
    Phase 2 SSM = 18 weeks
    SETT (dry run)/ SPO (ships protection organisation)/ Firefighting = 3 weeks
    SMQ(D) (Boats course) = 10 weeks
    SMQ (W) (the old part 3 at sea) = up to 10 weeks depending how much effort you put in.

    Therefore, taking no leave at all (impossible) 50 weeks solid training. Add your 6 weeks seasonal leave = 56 weeks from walking through Raleigh gates to getting your Dolphins. The reality is about 18 months taking into account holdover periods as not every course dovetails with the next one. Also figure in waiting to get on a platform to get to sea.

    I'm sure the rev will add on 6 months if you "dick around" or correct me if I'm wrong.
  7. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I think I prefer to wait for the Rev's confirmation on your estimates Wrecker, no offence
  8. None taken :D

    This thread has appeared in Newbies now, how does that work???

    Edited to add it's gone now :?
  9. Ahoy there wreckerl. Figures look about right to me too. Just to add, the couse lengths are fixed and therfore can't be completed quicker no matter how hard you try, however SMQ wet is the bit that you have some influence over as to how quick you can get it done.
  10. Thanks for this info mate thats the kind of timetable I was hoping for,I cant see me "dicking about" when I want something I get right down to acheiving my target.

    Also thanks to everybody who took time to answer on both posts.
  11. The old Pt3 at sea? Don't they do a BSQ/Pt3 on the boat then?
  12. Not sure if that's a windup Poly. You have to go to sea to qualify on a boat, you may just be taken for 1 patrol then back to spare crew to wait for your permanent draft. If you read it as doing SMQ (Wet) alongside, that's a definite no-no.

    Edited to add

    SMQ(D) stands for Submarine Qualifying Course (Dry) which is what you used to do at Dolphin

    SMQ(W) means Submarine Qualifying Course (Wet) which is the old Part 3 and done at sea
  13. Please enlighten us as to where your understanding comes from, as it is total bull...
  14. You're hardly a salty to comment like one, you left with a 3011 service number therefore couldn't have been in long Jacko?
  15. I realise I wasn’t in long enough to give shit to the newer ones like that, but I was there long enough to know that the advice given by reverend is down right wrong. There are a number of factors affecting time scale to getting your dolphins, “dickin around†being one of the lesser. I know this as I was a recruit TSM.
    And just to be a cnut it was 3010 :D
  16. That told me
  17. Wow, we are a touchy bunch aren't we, too much sun perhaps? :p

    Ok, I was wrong, but I never claimed it to be fact hence my saying that's "how I understand it". I based this on what I had been told by a number of people that are serving. Basically put, if you muck about and don't get the work done then you don't qualify as quickly as you would should you get your head down and do the required workload.

    Like I say, I was wrong, but I'm not really that bothered as I'm sure even people like Einstein were wrong from time to time. Anyhow, I'm off, so if you want to carry on being Barry Big Bollocks on the internet then be my guest.

  18. Rereading that post I did come across as abit twatish, so apoligies to tommo and rev!! I wont post before breakfast and my morning **** again.
  19. You're a lucky lad that Geordie Dan posted his bollix first arn't you? You'd be a shoe in for COTW otherwise.
    Why do some noobs with more time on RR than time going through the Recruitment process jump on threads giving gash advice, usully with some disclaimed like "I think" or "That's what some geezer down the pub told me."?
    If you don't know keep your feckin oar out!
    We do actually have members who've served and/or are Careers Advisers who can give replies that carry some authority.
    Rather than your brand of muppetry.
  20. In a similar vein, why do those that are serving/have served feel they have some sort of right to squash anything a "noob" says. This was originally posted in the Newbies section where I replied to it. Granted my post wasn't to yours and many other people standards of answer but I admitted it was wrong when pointed out and never once claimed it to be gospel. "If you don't know keep your feckin oar out!" aye, because I started my original post stating "I know for a fact that.....". Oh no wait, I didn't did I, just like I didn't say "Some geezer down the pub told me!". As for COTW, you really think I would care if you or anyone else voted for me? Vote for me, award me it, send a badge and I'd wear it to Raleigh just for you, I really couldn't care less what some ex-serving Booty who gets his kicks being the internets answer to John Wayne thinks about me. Funny to see that this is also your first comment on the subject and you're just jumping on the bashing once everyone else has just forgotten about it. Aren't you the big man. Get a life soft cock.

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