submariner pay and getting your dolphins

Hi everyone,
New poster on here. I've got my medical next week to join as a SSM, jst a couple of questions I need clarified due to conflicting info,
1st- is phase 2 training always complaeted within 26 weeks

2nd- after entry through to completion of phase 3 training what is the usual timescale to getting your dolphins.

Thanks for the help in advance.
1st - No. Depends on branch, availability of course, leave periods and probably other factors I can't think of right now.

2nd - Don't know - a sundodger will tell you in a moment.
Copied from the identical thread you put in newbies.

Phase 1 = 9 weeks
Phase 2 SSM = 18 weeks
SETT (dry run)/ SPO (ships protection organisation)/ Firefighting = 3 weeks
SMQ(D) (Boats course) = 10 weeks
SMQ (W) (the old part 3 at sea) = up to 10 weeks depending how much effort you put in.

Therefore, taking no leave at all (impossible) 50 weeks solid training. Add your 6 weeks seasonal leave = 56 weeks from walking through Raleigh gates to getting you Dolphins. The reality is about 18 months taking into account holdover periods as not every course dovetails with the next one. Also figure in waiting to get on a platform to get to sea.

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