Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Deeps, Sep 18, 2007.

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  1. Gents I am away on an OP tour pretty soon.If any of you are willing to assist me moderate this forum please drop me a PM. I will still moderate on here myself but,of course I will not be as regular as I would like.

    You need to have completed your PT3,issued your Dolphins and be able to spin a few dits.


  2. Boys come, one of you must be up for the job? It has its perks as well. Just send me a PM. I will put it too the other MODs and the BOSSES.Then your in .
  3. Can we nominate somebody to be the mod?I would like to see either nutty or maxi in the job.
  4. ^ditto... :thumright:
  5. Of course you can guys,they need to be or have been a submariner,they must have a bit of spare time, they must be able to put up with some of the bitching and whinging that goes on at RR (not on the submariners forum I must say).I will only accept volunteers not nominations.I am sure us sundodgers can keep our own house in order,and keep the submariners forum on RR the best, most relevant,un-trolllike un-pc forum on this site. So roll up roll up.I will still be around however do to my OP tour I cannot say how often I will have access to the tinterweb
  6. moderation not moderisation you old fart. I am not pissing off i just need a wingman to split the dogs with.UA back to your coco before matron turns out the lights.
  7. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I still sit back in awe at his forum, none of the sludgemariners I know can even talk properly let alone read and write, I think you may all be walting.

    The few I do know who can pull a sentence together are too busy out spending their "knowledge" pay. :ky:
  8. I think it's quite humbling of you to admit that you even know some "submariners', and the fact that they astonish you with their literacy is, to say the least...quite nice... :thumright: pass the tea will ya.. :hockey:
  9. UA this is not a chance for you to start talking balls.Take your bitter and twisted posts to Diamond lils will you .
  10. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    It looks like I'm going to have one in the family, even my own son will be waving wads of cash in my face :thumright:
  11. It would appear that the nominees are too busy tinkering with their diesel boat to make an appearance!
  12. The info takes a long while to get around on ULF internet!!!
    I am sure someone will be daft enough to volunteer soon! :w00t:
  13. Thanks very much for your proposal guys, but I fear that I am not suited to be a moderator here.

    Chieftiff, congrats on your sons enlightenment.
  14. come on nutty we need someone with a bit of knowledge.
  15. My steaming hat is sitting in the ring knowing Maxi would not have the time.

  16. The job surely should be offered to someone serving…..or recently served

    An not to some expat pissartist who still lives in the 60`s…..

  17. Ouch. The person to whom you refer and I may have our differences, but I think he’d make a good Mod.


  18. Of course though Nutty does not quite have the same liberal view to life that UA has and this may not sit well with UA.
  19. I would like to apply. I visited HMS Alliance at Haslar last Sunday and now have a plastic submarine (sadly not Alliance) on my desk at work. If you put baking powderin it it will go up and down in the bath. I also bought one of those ID card neck-stringy-thingys which says submarine on it and a bottle of Pussers rum.

    Am I qualified?

    GRx :nemo:

    p.s. am happy to do the tank but only if you personally supervise me Deeps and Nutty

    edited twice for bad punctuation
  20. We have not heard from Janner yet.I forgot to nominate him.

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